FOR SALE: Gossamer Gear Mariposa (Robic version) Size M + Hip Belt

Gossamer Gear Mariposa (Robic version) Size M + Hip Belt

Price £140 + shipping (UK only)

This is approx 2 years old and rarely used. (One TGOC and a couple of over nighters)
I swapped it with a mate who had hardly used it, and I have only used it once.

I have a Tramplite and an aged Gorilla which does everything for me, so this just sits on a shelf.

Weight:   950g with extra shock cord and hip belt (The GG web site weight of 880g excludes hip belt)
Capacity: 60L according to Gossamer Gear
Size:      Medium
Hip Belt Size:     I believe it is an Medium
                             Smallest I can get it down to is 27.5”
                             It fits me perfectly (I am 33” waist) and this would go up to 37” I reckon
                             This is the hip belt with the larger pocket size.

This is currently on sale on GG site $225 (with belt) exc shipping & Tax
or available on Ultralight Outdoor Gear at £279.99 
You can see from the pictures it is in tip top condition.
The slight mark on the mesh is because I had just wiped it over with a damp cloth.

Pics Below:

bottom (colour is dark as just wiped with damp cloth)

Small Pocket

Large Side Pocket

The mark on the mesh is just a damp spot where wiped with wet rag

Looking inside