Mon 14th March 2011

Got back early from a bit of business and the day was splendidly bright.
A complete contrast from yesterday, and far too good to waste inside.
Choices were to take the dog for a run over to Quy water, or do some altitude training on the bike over to Burwell and Wicken Fen. Theres a 4 metre high bridge over there and also the descent to -5m on Burwell Fen.

Anyway, as it turns out Jasper suggested the walk and run, bacause he's cr4p on a bike, so being obedient we bundled over to Quy and Lode.

As stunning as the Lakes and the Peaks are, and as impressive as the Scottish hills are, the Fens have their own beauty, and I feel quite privileged to live in the country, and have the freedom to walk and run through this.

Although the summits are quite low.

Quy Water meanders up to Angelsey Abbey and the colours are just beginning to show.

If you fancy you can even have a look around the working Mill at the end, and buy the flour.
Since jasper has never been interested we just carried on our run.

What a fine day, and we managed to go over 8 Wicken's on route.
That is any peak over 3 metres.
Hard work this training lark!


  1. Wowza!
    A veritable splurge of posting!

    Yes - the sheep are always disappointed afterwards. There you are puffing away on yer fag and they are crying into the pillows.


  2. Excellent pics, Andrew. Them northern types with their horrible knobbly bumpy countryside (and unrelentingly inclement weather) will be beside themselves with envy when they see what we have here in the flatlands.

    Jasper is a fine looking dawg btw.