3rd July 2011 - All the other stuff

Day 8 is on its way and nearly done, but there is other stuff.Real stuff.

Time for a song
The scene is our house, the time is just past midnight, the day is Thu 30th June

There's a Hole in my bedroom Dear Mother, Dear Mother
There's a HOLE in my bedroom floor Mother, A Hole!

Where is it Dear Olly, Dear Olly, Dear Olly
Where is it Dear Olly, Dear Olly Where is it?

In the corner Dear Mother, Dear Mother, Dear Mother
In the Corner Dear Mother, Dear Mother in the ^&*(ing Corner

There's a hole in the bedroom Dear Andrew Dear Andrew
There's hole in Olly's Bedroom, Dear Andrew a Hole!

Where is it Dear Lucy, Dear Lucy Dear Lucy
Where IS it Dear Lucy Dear Lucy. Where is it?

Oh Excellent Dear Lucy Dear Lucy Dear Lucy
Oh Excellent Dear Lucy, Dear Lucy B0!!0cks!

With What Shall we fix it Dear Andrew, Dear Andrew
With What Shall we fix it Dear Andrew, With What?

With 2 x 4 Dear Lucy, Dear Lucy, Dear Lucy
With 2 x 4 Dear Lucy, With 2 x 4

And How shall we fix it, there's no room Dear Andrew
And How can we fix it there isn't much room

Use Screw Bolts Dear Lucy, Dear Lucy Dear Lucy
Use Screw Bolts Dear Lucy, Dear Lucy Screw Bolts .......

etc etc etc .............................

And so it came to pass, that Lucy fixed it temporarily (not a lot else you can do at midnight), by getting planks from the shed, and raising the bed on them.
Now, you might ask what I was doing during this? I was in the next room, but since it was all being sorted out, there was not much to do.

Lucy is great like that!

And we all slept.

Later that Day .....................................................................

And thus after a days work, I came home via B&Q to get my wood and plates and screw bolts.
Lucy had taken up a bit of the laminate flooring, and the broken chipboard floor. 

Any other room, it would have been boards, but Olly's room is new build above the kitchen.
And with saws, and hammers, and sockets sets (screw bolts), and brackets, and levels, and wood and assorted other implements of destruction, I reinforced the floor, and put back a new bit of floor panel. By the time they got back from Harriet's swimming, and Olly's Muay Thai, I was just tidying up, and Lucy put back the laminate flooring (which I have to say Lucy had put down in the first place).
Olly's room, was sorted, and all was well with the world.
Well maybe not the Greek economy.

To be honest, all was NOT well with the world, but our world was just fine.

And, on a plus note, this time at least the cat did not disappear under the floorboards, but that is a historic blog for another day.

Alices Restaurant - Arlo Guthrie


  1. The little things that contribute to family culture.
    At a recent wedding, my daughter referred to a group of people sitting together as "the Group W Bench"

  2. The Group W Bench!
    Top Comment!