IT's HERE! (MLD Ultralight bivy)

Oooohhh the excitement (sad isn't it)

My NEW MLD Ultralight bivy has finally landed.

That is on a piece of A4 Paper

And in it's bag
 OK, it might not be much to you, but for me it is a jolly exciting thing

It is really mega light, and looks rather fine.
It has taken quite a few weeks to arrive, which I have no issue with, because it is fine kit.

What I do have an issue with, is the fact that despite several attempts at communication with Ron, I never ever had even the courtesey of a reply.
I am sure he is a really busy man, and he does produce rather good gear, but I am not overly anamoured with customer service.

Mind you, I have never had to send anything back, so I cannot give the definitive response here.

I do however, contrast that with Sean at Oookworks (that is another plug there), who is an absolute TOP BLOKE!

Nuff said

THIS BIT is for Alan


• Pro Level SuperLight Bivy
• Endurance 10D 3X DWR Top
• Pro Silnylon Bottom
• Top Fabric: MLD Endurance 10dX10d 3xDWR Nylon Ripstop
• #3YKK zip with two dual sided pulls extends to waist
• Half Moon bug net window over the face
• Overhead hang loop positioned over the face.  (That's the orange bit above)
• Four drying hang loops.
• eVENT foot box end panel
• Endurance 3xDWR 10d fabric

Weight.         XL 7.5 oz(approx)  [212.6g]
Girth              XL: 82" shoulder 60" foot
Length          XL- Fits users up to 6'6 and long and XL bags or very high loft winter sleep bags and 78" X 2.5" sleep pads.

I got the XL so that I could easily fit a larger bag and also a full length sleeping mat inside.
This includes mats up to 2½" high pumped up

I have NO idea what the hydrostatic head is but I think it might be 1500m.
I am willing for those with FAR more knowledge to supply that fact.

Price varies with individual spec (see link below)

It takes about 6 to 12 weeks for delivery
I ordered this on 2nd Feb and it arrived today (16th March), which is just over the 6 weeks

MLD Bivy here!

Part 3 of the Peaks weekend arriving soon.

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  1. ...it looks like a body bag... (I was just saying!)

  2. "It is really mega light,"

    How light is it then?
    What's it made of?
    Hydrostatic head?


  3. Give me a chance, I only just got it.
    That info is on its way shortly.

    So impatient!

    1. *drums fingers on desk, impatiently....*

    2. Read it again Sloman, nearly everything you asked for is now there.
      Doesn't mean I will be ready to go by 8.00 on the Challenge though :)

  4. What a splendid write-up!
    Looks like a fine bit of kit.

  5. Little rivulets of saliva are running down the side of my mouth.

    I should really get to a doctor! Or, is it just "I wish I had one of those?"

    Looks a great piece of kit!

  6. I will report shortly on how it performs in the field.
    That is when I am allowed out on my own again.

  7. Gordon.
    I think you can get kit withdrawal patches.
    Not sure they work on Phd kit though. :)

    1. Ok, ok! I don't need any more gear.

      Not even an MLD Pro Level Superlight Bivy

      ............ oops!

      More saliva.

      Look forward to your reports after field testing.