It's LIFE, but NOT as we know it Jim.....

The Jim.... should be read as in the Goons....

Where was I?

Not been doing much recently, other than ferrying Ollie to college in Northampton and back, and Harriet to everywhere else in the Galaxy, and working.

The strangeness of the headaches and stuff is persisting, BUT after a long NHS period, I now have seen the Neurologist lady, and she thinks I am just falling to bits, but has arranged an MRI scan of my head to see what is going on, and IF there is anything in there to find.

TGOC Pics 2012 + Music (Just me) 
No Harm, No Harmony 4 min Improvisation extract 
Press PLAY NOW (I dare you) 
And you get TGO pictures as well

Now, normally I force music on folk with &autoplay=1 directive.
But the images in the clip above are from the TGOC 2012
And the MUSIC, is just me buggering about with electric guitar, so I am not going to force it on you.
But you can click play and watch and listen if you feel so inclined.
It was recorded using an Epiphone Les Paul Copy in sunburst red (not that the colour matters).

This was played through a Zoom G2.1u and via usb link to the PC,
where it was tracked with Audacity software.

I have NEVER tried this before so it is VERY rough and ready.
It was done with just the two tracks, recording track 1 with drum machine
and playing the rhythm and base line simultaneously.

The lead guitar was then recorded on track 2 and merged in.
The whole lot is totally improvised in one take. (1 per track)

No double takes or mixing, hence the rough and ready feel.
Album Cover
I am working on this in spare time, and will eventually if I ever really like the final output, put the whole lot together.

Currently the bit above is an excerpt from a much longer improvisation called 'Beyond Reason, Beyond Hope' (full track is 18min)

I am naming the Band (which is just me, if I ever go beyond just arsing around)

Wind Madness 
The Album (it will never happen) is called Avoiding the Obvious

There are currently 7 tracks (not that it matters, because they are not listed)

So that is it really.
Nothing to do with walking apart from the theme.

Oh yes, there is another track (a bit metal) called 'March of the Turbines'

So, off to see the Sloman this week with TGOC boss Mr Lambert.

Did I mention I was in?

Admit it you knew from Twitter.

Must go and do some hills (not easy in East Anglia), when the ramp from the road to our drive is considered to be a contour.

What else..

My Favourite photo's of the last 2 weeks.
Frosty Thistles - Along Quy Water
Flooded Fields at Wicken Fen
Clunch Pit Clearance at Quy Fen (My favourite)
Wonderful sunrise view from Sandysike Bunkhouse Walton
towards the Pennines
Flooded Path on Quy Fen
Clunch pit on Quy Fen
Light show on trees at Anglesey Abbey Lode (My 2nd  favourite)
 That's all for now!


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