Sun 1st December - Wicken Bike Blat

So of course by now you must realise that my BLOG does not necessarily run in a chronological order.
I have been rather busy in Oct and November being the Widow Twankey.

Yes Yes I know, you wanted to come to the show,
but it is TOO LATE NOW,
you missed it, you'll have to wait until Nov 2014 now.

And a mighty fine show it was too.

So show over, and at a loose end rather than just being a loose woman, I set of on my bicycle round Wicken, before the bottom bracket which was NEW only 5 months ago failed miserably, which it did this Tuesday.

The weather was looking good, and armed with the trusty Samsung NC10 and just the one lens I headed off via the Swaffhams and Burwell, and then over to Wicken.

Small pond on the opposite side of the lode at Wicken

Trees across the Lode

Looking Up the Lode at Wicken

Looking back from the bridge heading over to the Windmill

Pond in Wicken

Looking across Wicken Fen towards Burwell Fen

Pretty Red Berries along the Lode
Last look along the Lode as the sun began to drop

By the time I had finished fiddling around, the sun was beginning to go down, and I realised that I did NOT have any lights so, I had to crack on a goodly pace to get back.

Luckily I got back in time.

I didn't even take any pictures of the open moorland with all the Birds and wildfowl.

But that is for another day


  1. Wicken Fen is magical, I took the dog there last week, spent three hours just walking around, taking it in, keeping my eyes open for any likely wild camp spots, wonderful. Love the photos, you've caught much of the magic, nice.

  2. Yes. I keep going back.
    The bit behind Charlie's hut and the walk up the Burwell side of Burwell Lode towards Upward us rather nice too.