TGOC 2014 Mallaig to Nether Warburton in just 13' 14"

I am writing this up honest,

but I had to go climb a hill in the Lakes,

View from Harter Fell Thu 29th May

View Up Burnmoor Tarn Fri 30th May

and then have a knee operation,

View of my Knee after Arthroscopy on Tue 3rd June :-(
so I am on the case, but you'll have to wait a bit.
I have to go and earn some money too next week.
I really really do.

So IF you missed it on the Message Board,

here is the extended cut video of the Chally pictures with added captions.

The whole thing lasts 13' and 14" (and you cannot change the speed).

But each slide is approx 4.5 secs and if you try really really hard, you can read the captions.

I can read them, and I need glasses to see my fingers.

So off you go.

And yes I did do all the music again.

It is very boring having a bandaged knee.

A bit of Funk, A bit of Blues and a Bit of Rock c/o the old Mad 'n Bad Les Paul :-)

More coming soon, including a completely fictitious version of the whole thing.


  1. Brilliant Andrew!
    Now you just need (kneed?) to get your knee back into action.

  2. Well.
    That looked like fun.
    Was it?
    My mind's gone blank.
    Will you be sending your pictures on a stick? (I've almost finished editing mine)

    1. They are arriving shortly on DVD (didn't have a spare stick, and cannot drive at the moment)

  3. Good stuff. He gets around does that Croydon lad.
    I like that photo through the porthole. As well as all the others of course.

  4. I have to say Alan, I pirated the porthole photo from Mr Lambert.
    He has an eye for that sort of thing.
    Of course he hadn't been to the Old Forge yet :-)

  5. Bit of practice and you could be quite good at this ;-)