A cycle ride round the local Fens

I had intended doing a 60 miler today, but got up a bit late and was wondering if I would manage even half that.
As it happens, the weather was how can I say this ................


Bucket Head - Pitch Dark

So I set off anyway, with no real plan (often the best way).

And here are some piccies on route

Piccies all taken with a Fuji X20

Looking out along Burwell Lode from the bridge on the way to Wicken

Distorted Panorama from the Bridge

The road bridge at Wicken for Tractors

Tree at Wicken

Marshes at Wicken

My Bike.
You can't see how muddy it was, but it got a lot worse

Wicken Panorama

Wicken Lode

A wee hidden Gem along the River Cam near Barway

Swans and a Duck on the Cam near Barway

Looking across to the bridge near Braham Farm

Panorama back along the Cam on the way to Ely

A colourful boat on the Cam

The ship of the Fens from the road on the way to Queen Adelaide

Also known as ELY Cathederal

An old ruined barn on the way to Queen Adelaide

Old Barn on the way to Prickwillow

Two Panoramas of the Barn

Old Chapel now used as a house
Not exactly sure how far I went, since I don't have a tracking gadget, and didn't use a map, but something like 54 miles in total.

So, I now have to go and order a Z Packs Sleeping Bag....

Well, I mean, WHY NOT!


  1. Do I recognise "Cockup Bridge" there? Always been able to spot a cockup, me.

    It's alright for you, trundling through the flatlands on your velocipede - and BELOW sea-level I might add. Today I have been propelled up not one but TWO of the Suffolk Munros (hills over 100m for the unitiated) by the redoubtable Miss Whiplash. OK, only 7miles, but with 2 lbs of Suffolk clay adhering to each boot, that was enough, thank you very much.

    54 miles on a bike? Luxury.

    Nice pics btw :-)

  2. Thanks M' Lordship.
    Today after my bike I went for a 10k run to Cambridge via the river in Little Wilbraham. And on the way to Teversham I too full foul of the dreaded Cambridge/Suffolk ploughed Clay Footpath. I ended up walking because I couldn't lift my bloody feet up anymore.

    Good to see that Tini is NOT sparing the rod 😀

  3. Bootiful pictorial Andy. Can you get a photo of the tractor on the bridge?

    1. Maybe one day Alan.
      In 8 years I have never been there when it is down.
      Must happen at some time.

    2. I always thought the "Primitive Methodists" a wonderful name for a religious order, Sir.
      Yes, Lord E - it's definitely Cockup Bridge. I have a fine shot of you in front of the same.