Sat 30th April 2011 - Now my knees don't hurt anymore!

Well I'll say one thing for smashing your ribs.
My knees used to hurt, but now they don't.
Now that could be the amount of pain killers I am currently taking, or just the pain in my ribs and breathing difficulties, but the knees no longer hurt.

So there you go. 
TOP TIP .... If your knees hurt when you walk, get a friend or enemy to smash you really hard in the ribs, until breathing is difficult and swelling is obvious, and your knees will be cured.

Today I mostly walked with the dog, and it was interesting.
But.. what I cannot fathom though is why when I tripped last week, there was little pain, and the next day what with the fence and the long run with the dog and the bike ride all was still ok,
but 2 days after that it all got much worse and now it hurts even more. 

Must be some medical reason for it, or maybe I damaged more than I thought,
but    Hey .... the knees are feeling good.

So apart from that I am still getting ready for the Challenge.
It's just going to be a bit more of a Challenge.
Anyway, there are still 12 days before the start. Time to apply more ice packs.

And here is a picture of the B@$tard Root!

I did discover this fine blues guitarist today though!
The Photo is only a still image (and yes that's an electric guitar and the track is acoustic), because the U Tube video is rather poor quality, but the album is rather fine.

And to finish a bit of the Boogie (I'll not be boogie-ing just yet though)


  1. Rib injuries are very odd - I had a very similar experience a while ago: Here:

    It's not necessarily the ribs that are injured but the stuff inside them, and they take time to swell up and ache like a sod. Mine got worse and worse over a period of days, and then very slowly got better.
    Chin up! Take more booze with the pills. Worked for me!

  2. 'Our NHS is quite wonderful.'
    I see your opinion had changed by the time we went to the Lakes.
    I'm off for a walk with the dog to see how it goes. Then I'll take some more pain killers.
    I think they should call them pain suppressors, because they don't kill the pain. If they did it wouldn't come back again.
    Ho Hum!

  3. Good luck, Andrew - hope the pain eases by next week, but there again - you'd have to worry about the pain in your knees then!