Sat 28th May 2011 - Back from the edge

Cor blimey guvner 'at wos a tuff un and no mistakin!

So here we are back from the Challenge after an interesting and exciting two weeks.
Lot of fuss over nothing I say. A bit of dodgy weather for a few days and folk come over all panicky and the like.
Anyway, apart from the moaning (me), it was really a fine Challenge. Indeed it brought true meaning to the word Challenge. More importantly it rallied the Challenge family together even more than usual, so I say roll on 2012.

Nuff said on the matter!

I am now sorting out photo's and write up, and will publish that over the next few weeks.

As it happens, after weeks of drought, I appear top have brought some rain back with me.
It was probably hiding in my Tent Soup in my rucksack.

I reckon now I am probably fit enough to do the Challenge.
Had a run with the dog today, about 7 miles, felt fine.
Might do a longer one tomorrow.
I also did some weights in the Garage. Be a shame to waste all that effort.

So just 2 little snippets.

So, he really can walk on water!
Never  disagree with this man!
Look what happened to the tree.

OK, it was the wind!

Survival by YES


  1. Mmm. Must get Time and a Word down from the attic next time I have the vinyl spinner plugged in. Thanks.

  2. Walking on water, eh? A few paces later I was almost up to my goollies! Jolly cold it was too...