TGOC 2013 Oban to St Cyrus in Under 6 minutes

Pending a proper write up, which will come out on a daily basis, but not a daily production.

The Video below is a rapid set of images of our trip.

It takes approx 5 in 45 secs to get across

It is just a selection of the photo's, many of which will eventually appear in the blog posts

I improvised  the accompanying music against the video slideshow on an
Epihone Sheraton Jumbo guitar, and as such is a bit rough and ready, but then so are the images.

More coming soon

Watch this space 


  1. Excellent stuff - unfortunately a rather slow internet connection here (I'm abroad you know) hasn't made for relaxing viewing. I enjoyed the photos anyway. Perhaps I should try this Challenge malarkey next year....wadyathink?


  2. Lovely selection of shots. I'm looking forward to reading your write ups in the next few weeks :-)