Coming Soon

Just been too busy to do any of this, but will soon.
Didn't go to the Lakes because weather in August has been decidedly poor.
Did Manage to Cycle the Peddar's way though a couple of weeks ago, but did not take any blogging equipment. Anyway, cycled it all in a day so no point.

Shortly off to do Peebles Moffat with many folk from TGO and others, so will attempt blog of that although it might be done after the event rather than during. Or probably not at all.
I am not getting the hang of this blogging stuff.
I am guessing you are meant to keep it up.


Just starting out here

This is my first post.
Just experimenting.
Never done a blog before so not sure how long it will last,
but worth a pop anyway.

Probably nothing for a few weeks until I go to the Lakes.
Could be nothing ever, since I am struggling getting my head round writing it.
Should be like a diary, but I could never see the point of that either.
Maybe when I get some free time I'll start properly.
Probably not then....