MLD Cuben DUOMID & Oookworks inner for Sale


PRICE £ 450 inc postage (UK only)


See below for separate prices

I bought this late 2016, but it has only been used on 3 trips one being the TGOC 2017

 It has not done many nights out, maybe 10 max and is in excellent condition

The Oookworks inner has solid back and 2/3 solid doors with chikara floor

Buy this new from the US would cost you $ 485 (£ 350) plus any import tax (if applied)

The Oookworks inner would cost £205 new in this configuration.

That’s a total cost of £555 exc any additional taxes

There is one tiny (and I mean tiny)  repair to the front right top floor (as if looking at door see pic) where I have over sewn and seam sealed a slight fray in the material near the stitching. We are talking ½ cm here and it is just to reinforce it.

The Cuben Fly weighs in at        480g in stuff sack
The Oookworks inner is              440g in stuff sack
There are NO pegs with this…

I am only selling because I have enough shelters and this one was not getting enough use so deserves to go to someone who will use it.

I’d rather not split them but will consider it at the following prices

Cuben Duomid Alone                                              £ 290 delivered UK only
Oookworks Duomid Custom inner Alone             £ 175 delivered UK only

Delivery anywhere else other than UK, will need to be added on once it has been calculated

Payment would need to be via Direct Bank Payment  or Paypal ( as friend ) – details provided on sale agreed
NO silly offers please, this is quality sought after kit

Contact andrew@d-l-r.co.uk or via Facebook Messenger or Twitter

Oookworks inner and stuff sack 440g

Duomid and Stuff sack

Oookworks Inner

Very slight fray on front right floor
this has been repaired by sewing and seam seal.
It was not a hole or detached and still fully functional.
I just repaired it for additional security

Repaired fray

Repair from inside