TGOC 2019 - Day 14 Thu 23rd - Sauchieburn Inn to Kinnaber Links and Montrose

TGOC 2019 - Day 14 Thu 23rd - 
Sauchieburn Inn to Kinnaber Links and Montrose

And so it came to pass, that it was the last day.
I woke and we went for breakfast.
It was a HUGE breakfast, at least it could have been if you had space to eat it all.

I had made an overnight decision.
I needed to get to the finish as soon as I could.
OK, maybe a cafe...


Part 1 - Get to Maykirk Bridge

Part 2 - Save them from themselves and take them to a tea room of quality

Part 3 - The journey along the beach to the Park
So, I told my team, I was going to head off at pace and get back to hook up with Mick and Keith and Humphrey.

And then charged down the road at pace.

NOW, earlier, via message, I had discussed timings.
As in, "let me know a bit before you are about to leave", as I have about 2 km further than you to get there.

Not a difficult concept is it, so what I actually get (before I have left is ........)


So, we discuss as I belt at stupid speed along the tarmac, in an attempt to get to the designated rendezvous point the other side of the river in time

And then with music blaring in my ears, and a few spots of rain starting (that I couldn't be arsed to put a coat on for), I got to the bridge a few minutes after them.

And actually it was also Martin , Sue , John and Steph

Just after crossing the A90 

This wasn't on my route, it's the road after the A90 from NWB.
BUT isn't that arrow pointing in the wrong direction?

I am the faint blob somewhere on that bridge
And having caught up, it was really just a matter of following the river to Logie, and chatting most of the way.


Now, at some point after Logie, we took the lane down to the road and then across to the track.
Martin, Sue, John and Steph headed along the top road North of the railway.
It arrives at the same place eventually, but is not as pretty a route.

Somehow, despite their continued lack of trust, I managed to persuade my little team.
Well, not my team TBH, that it was better through the woods.
And with apparent hesitation, they seemed to agree.
I noted more scepticism.     πŸ€·‍♂️🀷‍♂️

BUT , obviously YET AGAIN I was correct!

And as we headed along the final stretch of road and turned right onto the Charleton Farm track, we noticed the other group behind us.

Well, even though Nina and Fiona had come to greet us, we were NOT going to let those buggers beat us to the bloody cafe.

And we won the race! πŸ‘πŸ˜

Now, whether it was my insistence, that my route was better, or the fact that I promised them Strawberry Tarts and cream teas, but the Dream Team, had stayed with me  all day (well, apart from the first bit when I wasn't there).

And it was strawberry something and Teas and Coffees all round.


I just LOVE this picture.
And we only had to wait a short time!

TBH, if it wasn't for the need to get to the Park because of the GIG it would have been fine to stay here all day.

BUT..... There was the beach, and the finish, and Mick's 20th Finale.

We had to go...

I'll let the pictures of the next bit do all the talking.


Those are my sunglasses.
They look better on Sally. 

So glad to have been there for Mick's Finish 😍

And then to Montrose!

And then we got to Montrose.
The Park..

There had been many a hug.
The Park Frenzy took over, and everyone just vanished.
Collect certificate.
Have tea
Get T shirt.
Find Alistair
Get into room

I did a lot of rushing about.
Meet with Humphrey
Try and find Keith
Get Mick to a practise.
Lug kit down to the Dining room for later (as it was ****ING heavy)
Go walk about

Grab some seats in the dining room for some team or other.
Wander round in a sort of POST TGOC come down.
BUT... Songs to go over.
Final set to work on.
Find out JJ has had a really bad 2 days (NO! REALLY ****ING BAD).
Re-think set (JJ comers down later and delivers).

Go and get a beer.
Go and get cleaned up again.
Pop on the FW Alternatives T.

Wander round in confusion and anticipation.

And then it was the meal.

Create CHAOS and get an ear bollocking from Carl, for changing seats!
Stand my ground! 
Cos I ain't moving again DUDE!!!!

Mick Gets his 20th..

And then the meal is over.
Time to drag gear to the stage (I say stage - THERE AIN'T NO STAGE).

Try and do into and perform with the chaos of conversation.

Same every time.

People walking, people talking.
My original team are about.
Half my new team have buggered off somewhere!

Call that a team?

The GIG goes on.

And then the GIG is over.

J.J. is bashing out the country dance grooves

TBH, I am now too tired to get up and dance.

AND..................... It is done.

Go and grab a a beer and a whisky.

Maybe time for one more on the spot made up blues song for Al, Phil and Emma.
The hat comes in useful.
I raise 17p πŸ™„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

AND then the evening drifts (after trying to pack gear down and get it back upstairs) into alcohol and chat.

Sally and Laura are now locked out of their room.
The lock has broken.
The hotel end up putting them up in the Kinnaird room on bunk beds.
Seriously.... 🀷‍♂️🀷‍♀️
Nobody can get through the door.

I reckon we could have.
And I'm bloody sure SKIPPY could have...

AND IT IS NOW SOOOOoooooo late.
And it is all over!

But you don't want to go to bed.
You don't want it to finish.

You have again met so many great prople.
There are new friendships.
If you go to bed, it will be tomorrow.
It will be all over.

Stay awake
Stay awake

BUT it is bed!


And then it is tomorrow!
It is breakfast.
It is final farewells.
There are hugs

It is time for the LOOOONNNGGG journey home!

It has again been EPIC!

And yet .... SADNESS!


Next YEAR!!!

It keeps you going!
It is the future!


It is a great event.
There are highs, lows hills views, sun, rain and pain.
At the end of the day.

"It is the people you meet on the journey

that elevate this event to something more than a Challenge."



I'll finish on my text to Carl on the way back!