Mr W's Trail Food Yum Thoughts Post TGOC

TGOC and other hiking trip foods

So, as a starter, all these opinions are my own subjective thoughts.
Food is a bit like socks and shoes, what works for A, may not work for B.
Most of these I purchased with my own money.
The exceptions being the REAL TURMAT - Cod in Curry Sauce
and the SUMMIT to EAT meals, which were given to me to sample and review.

The fact that some were free is NOT influential in my overall assessment.

So the meals on review are

Summit to Eat   (Overall Winners)
Chicken Tikka with Rice
Vegetable Chipotle Chilli with Rice
Scrambled Egg with Cheese

Real Turmat
Cod in Curry Sauce

Five Spice Chicken with Rice
Polish Sauerkraut
Mexican Dish

Bla Band  (Best overall for Flavour)
Indian Stew
Skinnarmo's Pasta Carbonara


Food on the Move
Chicken in Mild Curry Sauce
Spicy Fruit and Vegetable Curry

LYO used to be one of my favourites, but as we will see this has changed.

More detail to follow, but let's get it out there:

The WINNER IS, BANG for BUCKS, by a reasonable margin


Not because they were free, I would definitely buy these again, but because in a comparison

Flavour v Weight v Calories v Price v Instructions

they stand out IN MY OPINION as the BEST of the BUNCH.


They are fantastic value for money.
They taste good.
They are easy to make with good instructions, although leave them 10 min, not the suggested 8.
They rank highly for both cal / gram (carried weight) and Cals / £.
The meals have a reasonable number of calories in the pack.

All three I tested were a great flavour.
(The Scrambled Egg is a Breakfast meal, but could be a main meal if needed)
You don't need to add any extra seasoning, but can do if you like.
You need to try them out to see, but trust me, they are very good, and you will most definitely NOT be disappointed.

As I said, I agree with Al Sloman, that leaving them 10 min is better than the suggested 8.

You don't even need to have a wee dram of whisky with you in the tent to enjoy them, but heh....Come on!!!

My samples came via : Hello Everyone
But you can get them from Base Camp Food.
Except for the Food on the Move meals which came from Mountain Trails

Second for me and Best for Flavour, but heavier must be the Bla Band - Indian Stew
This is probably my Favourite flavoured meal of all time (so far)

Great Flavours and light, but too expensive is Real Turmat

and the worst meal I have ever had was the LYO Polish Sauerkraut 😫🤢

Comparison Table:

Table repeated smaller in case you don't want to bother scrolling

Other Meals and Packages:

Obviously there are other meals out there, but these are the ones I have been using recently.