FOR SALE: Gossamer Gear Mariposa (Robic version) Size M + Hip Belt (Price Drop)

Gossamer Gear Mariposa 
(Robic version) Size M + Size S Hip Belt

FINAL Price Drop. £120 delivered UK. 

If it doesn't sell, I'll keep it, the price will not be dropping anymore

This is approx 2 years old and rarely used.
(One TGOC and a couple of over nighters)
I swapped it with a friend who had hardly used it, and I have only used it once.

I have a Tramplite, an Atom Mo and an aged GG Gorilla which covers everything for me, so this just sits on a shelf.

Weight:              950g with extra shock cord and hip belt
                           (The GG web site weight of 880g excludes hip belt)
Capacity:           60L according to Gossamer Gear
Size:                    Medium
Hip Belt Size:     Is a Small (See below for sizes from GG)

The hip belt is one that has the rear stays fitted into it, but is removable.
It also has the smaller pocket size.
I have no idea, why GG made them with different pocket sizes 🤷‍♂️

Existing small belt witrh small pocket.
Pocket is approx 14cm

The existing Small Belt

This belt is fine for me with additional adjustment, over 3 layers inc Paramo.
I am 5' 10" and a 33" waist. There is room to definitely go much bigger on it.

This is the Small belt on me.
You can see it can go a lot bigger.
Measuring the belt on full extreme, the circunmerence came to 129 cm approx 50"
God knows what a LARGE is in the USA 😨

It will also have with it, a really old slightly tatty Medium belt.
This is the old style without the inserts for the stays

Older style slightly tatty Medium belt
The older belt has been modified to have thicker webbing as the original was too slippy, so it doesn't go down quite as small as specified in the chart below.

New thicker webbing was sewn to the old webbing.
This is super strong.
Personally, if you are buying a Medium back, than the Small belt should be fine.
It will boil down to waist size.

Link to GG Site for Full Spec:  Click Here

Link to Ultralight Site:              Click Here

This is currently on sale on GG site $225 (with belt) exc shipping & Tax
or available on Ultralight Outdoor Gear at £279.99 
You can see from the pictures it is in tip top condition.
The slight mark on the mesh is because I had just wiped it over with a damp cloth.

GG Web site sizing information.

Pack Pics Below:

bottom (colour is dark as just wiped with damp cloth)

Small Pocket

Large Side Pocket

The mark on the mesh is just a damp spot where wiped with wet rag

Looking inside


For Sale Z Packs 20F Classic Sleeping Bag

For Sale - Z Packs original classic 20F bag £120 (inc postage)  on


Selling my older Z Packs 20F bag.

This is approx 5 years old.
I bought it in Dec 2014

It has done a couple of Challenges and a few other trips

It is in very good condition, although it may benefit from a clean to improve the loft, it does not look like it needs a clean.
That is normally a £35 charge.
I could get it cleaned, but that would have to put the price up.

It hasn't been used for a few years, as I have an Enlightened Quilt now that I use.

This has the zip baffle to stop cold getting in via the zip.
It is a standard Z Packs bag, so has no hood.

Weight approx 575g (in stuff sack)

The stuff sack is not the original from the bag, just a thin sil stuff sack.

Standard Length (now called medium) and wide fitting.

Measured dimensions (by me, on the outside) are:
Length 74"
Width at foot 14"
Width at collar 26"
Width 20" below the collar 24"

Rating 20F (that is optimistic IMO, this is much more a 30F bag)

It has been kept unpacked in an aired bag (not in a loft)

Current NEW price is $379 for this (or it was)

Bag on Z Packs Site

That excludes the shipping and vat and HMRC costs, so approx $30 shipping
Then hope that HMRC don't sting you 20% extra for the vat ($82)

That's £331 exc Vat or £397 with vat

That's not a bad price then, even if you do add in cleaning costs 🤔

Contact me for any further details.





Price: £80 delivered

Length:             120-140 cm
Folded Length: 40 cm
Weight (Pair):   370g

Material:           Carbon

I bought these in March to use with a specific tent, but as I no longer use that, and these are a bit too long for me for normal walking, I may as well sell them.

They have only been used on 3 trips, each one being 2 days.
There are a few slight scuff marks showing use (they are walking poles)
If you bought new, they would look like this after their first outing I expect.

They are not new, but they are in very good condition, and the rubber tips have never been out of the bag.

Shop about , you can probably get these for £103 to £130 at the moment.

They will be sent in a sealed cardboard tube for protection.

Payment by Paypal (details on request)

See pics below............


SALE: Trekkertent Stealth 2 [NEW] - £200


Trekkertent Stealth 2  (Unused) – Exc Pegs, but inc extra Carbon pole for lower end.


Price : £200 delivered.

Current New Cost : £270 (with the extra low end door)   [Current Lead time 4 weeks]

Weight: 860g (weighed here) with the additional pole (approx. 60g), so 800g without pole.

This is a brand new Stealth 2, bought last year.

Includes an additional low end folding Carbon Pole (see pics)
This is from Paul at Bearbones. It weighs 60g, folds to fit the tent and supports the low end, leaving a pole free. It would cost £24 to buy.

The only time it has been up was in the garden in the pictures shown to check it out.
It was a bought for a trip last year that never happened due to a family illness.
I normally backpack solo, so my current Tarptent Notch fits the bill totally, and this is surplus to requirement. Daft to leave it on the shelf.;

It has the extra opening at the small end.
Note this is in the fly only, NOT the mesh inner.
This is the 20D version.
See dimensions image below.

So, there you have it…………

Trekkertent Stealth 2, with low end opening, and an extra pole .
The whole lot would cost you £294 new, and you’d have to wait at least 4 weeks.
All yours now inc delivery for £200 (Bargain)

See tent pics and dimensions below..

Spare pole collapsed and open.
It fits inside the tent in the existing bag.

That's all folks!