HMG WINDRIDER 3400 150 Denier Black 55L for Sale - Not Available

Selling my HMG Windrider 3400 heavier duty 150 Denier in Black

I've decided to keep it!

£225 now £175 delivered via courier

Link to current version : https://www.hyperlitemountaingear.com/3400-windrider.html

Purchased in April 2016

Used on several trips and 2 x TGOC Challenges

Size  L (Torso 19” to 21”)

Capacity 55L (but in reality more I reckon 60L), and can also pack small

Pack weight is 1 Kg

Pack is in Very Good condition.

No scuffs or tears.

It has had additional seam seal added.

This is lined with Cuben fibre

They say it is waterproof, but “NO PACK” is, I’d still use a liner.

There are no tears in the mesh

(See pics for condition)

This would current cost new from HMG $345 + $66 postage ($411)

At current exchange rate of approx. $1.29 to the £1  = £319

Add in Customs Import Duty which is £10 + 20% of shipped price £73.80

Which means  £392.80 (ish) delivered to your door 😊

Oh, and you have to wait for customs to process it

So I am selling this for £225 £175 and that includes signed for delivery by courier

Yes, that is still and expensive pack, but it is also £217 cheaper than getting a new one.
WOW.. Under half price for a hardly used pack!

But why are you selling it you ask?

Well, since I have a pretty awesome Tramplite pack that does the same and an GG Gorilla I am now over subscribed with packs.

You could also obviously spend the money on a Tramplite pack as they are brilliant. But then you’d have to wait about a year to get one, as there is a long waiting list.

And of course you could buy a totally different pack.

So, there you have it.

Payment preferably via Paypal (as a gift) or alternatively via Bank Transfer

Pack stretched out
Pack packed small

Side Pocket
Will fit a Tent (depends on tent obviously)

A couple of marks, but no tears.
Marks will wipe off.
In fact, I have now cleaned it properly

Belt Pockets.
Zips fully functional.
No tears

Front mesh pocket.
Has good capacity, and again no tears or holes
Looking down inside

And just to prove it has been out and about.

Staring out on TGOC in 2016

Heading to top of Ben Lui in 2016

Mighty Yawn in Ben Lawers range

Packed for start of TGOC in 2016.
MLD Solomid XL in side pocket (exc inner)