FOR SALE : Gossamer gear LT4 Poles [NEW] £145

I have one pair of Gossamer Gear LT4 Poles for Sale.

Now Sold via OM site

These are BRAND NEW and never used.

And I will sell them to you (inc shipping) for £145

Retail Price from US is $95.50 each + Shipping $51+ Import Duty (20%)
which equates to £ 168 (approx.) + Import Duty £ 26.58 + Handling £8 =
£ 203

I got them to use with a shelter that I no longer have, and now use  3 piece pole instead.

These are Carbon Poles 2 piece weighing in at 240g the pair

See Them Here on the GG site

The Gossamer gear blurb says

  • LT4   4.1 oz. (119 g.) per pole (no strap)
  • LT4S 4.6 oz (130 g.) per pole (wrist strap)
  • Trekking baskets add 0.4 oz. (11 g.) each
  • Travel Tube is 12.5 oz. (354 g.)

  • Adjustable from 90 cm. (35.5 in.) to 140 cm. (55 in.) {135 cm for hiking}
  • 84 cm. (33 in.) completely closed
  • upper section: 74 cm. (29 in.)
  • lower section: 81 cm. (32 in.)

  • Custom spec tapered carbon fiber tubing
  • EVA "Kork-O-Lon" foam grips
  • Carbide tip
  • Travel Tube: Heavy-duty industrial grade cardboard

  • Matte Black poles
  • Tan handles

Here are some pictures of them

Tips as you can see, unused

No marks on Cork handles.
These are the best handles I have used.
So good, I bought a pair and put them on my Black Diamond Poles

Macro Close up of locking mechanism.
You can see it is in perfect condition



GEAR-GEAR for SALE, It's Going Cheap ONLY....


Excuse the Oliver tangential title there.


OK, before we look at these, let me tell you WHY they are for sale.

I have 2 other packs.

A Hyperlite Mountain Gear WindRider 3400 and a Robic version of the Gorilla
So these are totally surplus to my needs, and would be much much better off being used by someone else rather than sitting in my wardrobe unused.

MARIPOSA ROBIC Version  £145 delivered    

(and delivery costs £10+ royal mail )

Size Large with a medium belt

This is the Robic version of the Mariposa and includes the waist Belt
It has been used about 10 times in total.

You can get one from Gossamer Gear here (expect to add 20% + £10+) customs to that.
The price below doesn't inc shipping (normally about $40+  nor the Customs duty.

You can also buy a brand new one from BOB for £179.99 and then add £24.99 for the hip belt
That's £ 204.98

And no medium hip-belts at the moment.

You do the maths!!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong, Bob does a damned good deal on these, and if you want a NEW one, you'd be mad to import it.

But, you can buy this one.
So, why so cheap?

I have modified this by changing the webbing on the hip belt.
This is a thicker webbing, and does not slip unlike the dreadful webbing that Gossamer Gear used.
But because of this, I have reduced the price.
See the pictures.
These are stronger and better than the originals, if you can live with the sewing.
I have done the same to my Robic Gorilla, which I am keeping, and trust me, it is the dogs danglers.
Far far better than the original.

So, here it is.

Take it or leave it....

If you want one, then this is a bloody bargain

New Webbing added to the Belt
OK.. The sweing is not super neat.
But it is bulldog strong.
Doesn't slip like the feeble Gossamer Gear stuff.

Add caption

GORILLA (Dyneema Version) £ 75 + £10 delivery

NOTE...This is now SOLD

Size (L)arge and Medium Hip Belt (also Dyneema)

I replaced this with the Robic version 18 months ago, which is the one I used on the TGOC
This is the better (IMO) Dyneema version.
So, why am I keeping the Robic one?
Because I have extensively modified it with new webbing and other customisation, and this is no longer used.

This has done a few miles.

I have changed the original 2mm cord used on the lid with 3mm.
This is much stronger and also doesn't slip.

This is a classic rucksack with a 48L payload.

There are a few signs of wear and tear (repaired with sewing and tenacious tape) but that is reflected in the price.
I have seen these sell recently for £110, so even with delivery, this is a bargain.

Repairs to 2 small holes in the mesh, with tenacious Tape inside and out.

Sewn reinforcement on hip belt strap

Slightly stained hip belt.
Heh.. Try walking in the peaks without a few marks.
And also a sewn hole .
I repaired all these in coloured thread so they were easy to see.

As with the mariposa, it's over to you now.

You either want it or you don't.

So, if you are going to make me an offer (and don't take this the wrong way), then don't make it an insulting one, because I may not even reply.

On the other hand, these are HUMUNGOUS bargains if you want one.

OR, feel free to pay the full asking price...

It's up to you :-)


Kitshack Buff Review - A Year on...

I have always used buffs when walking, running and when cycling.

I was given this one by KITSHACK nearly a year ago to review.

Ok.. sorry added this later (It needed a bit of music)

Brian Tarquin - Black Rose
And back to the review

A review on a BUFF is not a big thing.
I mean there isn't a lot to go wrong is there, and they are not exactly a complicated bit of gear.
In fact, A TUBE for the most part.

But, I would say, that if you want a buff, they do have IMHO a very very extensive selection that pretty much caters for ALL requirements.

Prices appear reasonably competitive but not at the cheaper end.
I can't really comment on that.
The last 4 buffs I had before this came from the TGOC.

My one has the UV & bug coating, and as I was off on several walks, and also Australia, I thought I would take a while doing the review.
In fact it has been a year.
In that time I have used it on local walks, many in the Dales and Peaks, and also as I said in Australia.

Mine was the UV and Bug Proof Craig

The info off the site

My Review

This review is not about sartorial elegance, many would not wear the colour schemes I do.
Some say I shouldn't :-)

But that said, I was impressed with the variety and colour combinations available on the site.

When I got it


Well, it's a BUFF.
Basically a Tube
What more do you need to know.

Mine was UV and bug proof.

It certainly seemed to work well.
In Australia I was not troubled with bugs, and I was up in the rain forest by rivers.
OK, it was their early spring.

When I first got it, I used it by the rivers in the Fens whilst dog walking, and it kept a majority away.
It was on my head, it isn't going to stop them flying in your eyes or mouth.

I have used it running and also quite a lot under my bike helmet when out cycling.
So, it has been out on and off every week since I got it.

The only time it failed big time, was in the Dales by a river on a hot stormy evening when the MIDGES were epidemic.

It doesn't look midgy here, but trust me, when they came at ya, they had intent....

TBH I doubt anything would have worked.
I had bug spray, the buff and a midge hat that evening, and when they came at ya, they came at ya.
I doubt a flame thrower would have kept them off.

Other than that it has worked well.

I have used it as a neck warmer, hat, bandanna, balaclava.

A year on it has maintained it's colour well (so far), and its stretch.

In fact I will be using it next weekend in Wales and the following weekend in the Lakes.

As to how much the UV and bug protection work I year on, I will have to test once the cold weather moves away and we get to the insect time again.
I suspect it is not as effective as it was.

I have noticed at the end of last year, that it no longer deterred them from nibbling the nape of the neck, but by then it had been used a lot. Maybe I can treat it in something.

Below are some pictures of it in use, in the Peaks, Dales and a couple from Australia, which also show where it was worn.

In Australia

Around the Peaks last year and recently.

Peaks Wild Camp, North Edge last year

As it is now just under a year on...

I cannot notice any fading yet of the colours from the original.
I think the UV and Bug protection in particular are not as functional though.
Maybe I am wrong, I am not sure what sort of longevity the treatments give.

It has kept its shape well and still fits as new in any worn variation, despite a lot of use and washing.

I will be using this more again this year.
It is currently my go to buff.

It is off to wales and then the Lakes a few times, before it heads across Scotland for 2 weeks in May.
It will continue it's travels that's for sure.

Value for Money

As I said, about the same.
You can shop around and get cheaper ones.
Maybe they will be as durable, I am not sure...

This one has been used a lot and is still going strong.

Personally, if I wanted another (which I don't at the moment),
I would have a look at the Kitshack site.
Especially because they have such an extensive and multi-functional range, and this one has not disappointed.

I will do an update at the end of this summer to see how it fairs.