Having just bought a NEW wardrobe and had a big clear out, it has come to my attention that there is still MORE older gear to offload.

This may just about pay for the wardrobe that I had to buy when Mr Rye and I didn't go away last weekend.
It is as you can see, ALL HIS FAULT

Anyway, Back to the Sale

In Summary there are the following items used but in excellent condition

Delivery Charge varies depending upon weight & courier

If you are willing to go with My Hermes or DPD then it will be about £5 per item
IF you want Royal Mail then it costs more, about £7.15 and about £10 for Boots

  1. Osprey Exos 46 Rucksack                                           Price £65 + Delivery (SOLD)
  2. Osprey Talon 44 Ruck sack                                         Price £45 + Delivery (SOLD)
  3. 1 Pair aged Scarpa Boots EU 45 (UK 10)                    Price £20 + Delivery
  4. Marmot Arroya Sleeping Bag (recently cleaned)        Price £ 90 + Delivery (SOLD)
  5. Already Allocated ...........................
    Gossamer Gear Mariposa previous Version (non robic) Large with Large Hip Belt
    Price will be circa £100 delivered (it is hardly used)  
    (SOLD once I get my new pack)

    See below for full details descriptions and pictures

Price  £65 ono + delivery

I got this before I got the Gossamer Gear Gorilla Bag as with the Talon, and so they are all for sale now.

This is under 2 years old. I have receipts to prove it.
It is in very very good condition.
It has done a couple trips to the lakes.
And 1 to Scotland plus 2 x TGOC Challenge in 2013 & 2014
New it costs approx £120, so although this is second hand and not New it is pretty close.

Inside Lid pocket


Price  £45  + delivery    

This was my 2/3 day pack until the Gorilla which is now my everything pack except winter trips when I use a 60+ litre pack

It is just 3½ years old (They currently cost £85 New)

It has been to the Peaks a few times and Dales as well as Dartmoor.
That's about it.
It is NOT perfectly clean, but a bit of soap and water will fix that.
There are as far as I can see NO signs of wear and tear.

There are a few stain marks on the bottom, but they would clean off.
To be honest the cushion it is standing on is grubbier

Zip Pocket inside lid

Looking down inside


Price £20 ono + delivery

To be honest you are most likely going to have to take a punt on these.
I used them way back in 2004 and 2005.
Since then they haven't been used.

My feet have got wider or bigger and they are too tight.
I am now a UK 11
They are great boots and proper Scarpa Leather boots as well.
They have been kept dry and not too warm
They are fully proofed with Grangers Boot polish, and that is the marks on them.

I will admit I haven't used them for ages and ages.

They could disintegrate on use, who knows.
But then again they could be a perfectly good pair of boots for several more years.
I cannot wear them, and nor can anyone else here so if you want them.

The marks are Granger Wax not leather damage

Close up of tiny mark on leather

The brown marks are just stains from the leather
not a hole or a tear

You can see from the soles that they have had use and are not perfect, but there is still a load of life in them


Price £90 (which is a bargain) + delivery [but open to offers]  

This weighs in at approx 700g (810g in stuff sack)

They bag is rated down to about (30 deg F)  -2 deg C but is comfortable at 0 deg
I run hot, so it has always done for me.
I have used it when the tempereature was -4 to -5 deg C and with a couple of layers it was fine.
I have had this since Nov 2010 so this is NOT new,
but was cleaned professionally and treated at a cost of £60 last year.
I have had it for 3½ years and it has done several trips + 4 x TGOC with me.
I have always used it with a SILK Liner bag, so it isn't nasty and scanky,
and anyway, it's been cleaned.

I did not use it in the winter because I had a heavier Rab bag for that, so I would say it is a 3 season bag.

I do not know what it would cost NEW, because they no longer make them.
BUT when they were sold they were in excess of £200 as far as I am aware

Inside Storage Bag


In stuff Sack
Weighed in stuff sack = 810g

ALREADY SOLD once I get my replacement pack

GOSSAMER GEAR MARIPOSA RUCKSACK (Dyneema Version 3 not new Robic)

Price £95 + delivery    SOLD

This is NOT available immediately but soon it will be.
You can make me an offer in and I will let you know.

This is the previous version but still costs £178 with belt new in the UK.
And the NEW one will cost you £195 with belt

I will not add lots of info about it, because if you know what it is you know how good they are.

For the Large

Large (19" - 22" torso) (48 - 56 cm)  {Generally fits people 5' 11" to 6'4" , depending on body type and how you wear your pack}

Large: 27.60 oz. (783 g)  Average Total for all items included
Large hip belt (36" - 44" waist) (91.4 - 112 cm)

I use a Medium Hip belt with the Gorilla and would with this.
I have the Large even though I am 5' 10.5" 
I can get away with the Large hip belt, but really I need a medium.

At present, you can always get a Medium hip belt from BOB for £19.99

I changed the original 2mm cord to 3mm cord
That is why it is not the original orange.

Very very tiny stain on front (about 0.75 cm)

The white tape in the last two photos is just
medical tape that peels off.
I use it so that there is no chance of any slippage on the strap webbing.