Random Autumnal Fen Meanders

Wed 30th Oct 2013

Another Perambulation around Bottisham and Quy Fens

I need to go somewhere else soon

Wicken and ELY beckon

Apologies for the shite video, but I do like the song
Her Palace by Ty Tabor

Well, I finished my work for the day about 14.30
I had done some of it yesterday, so I was up to schedule.
The wind had dropped, and the sun was out, and the forecast for tomorrow was cloudy and overcast, so it seemed like a window of opportunity not to miss, what with all the colour opportunities.

 SUN, BLUE SKIES, WATER, and turning leaves

The MUTS and I headed off in a rather random fashion
to wander around the Fens.

And so to follow below are some more of the Autumn photos..

No story here, just pictures.

In the DARK DARK WOOD was ............





Wed 23rd Oct 2013

The evenings are closing in.
The Clocks are going back this weekend.
The world will soon be plunged into darkness when you are NOT working,
and the population doomed to a world of sore throats, sniffy noses and hacking coughs, as the modern open plan, germ infested, air conditioned incubator that so many have to work in kicks into overtime.

Thank God that I can work from home a lot of the time.

The Music is Blackest Days by Dave Stewart
off the Album Between the Falling Hope

Go and listen to it, because there is some beautiful music on it.

So, I was lucky today to catch that small bit of sun after 4.00 pm that allowed me to nip out with the DAWG's for a run round the Fens.
I was hoping to get out with the camera this weekend, but forecast is not so good, and luckily I had the phone with me.
OK, it ain't no camera, but is gets a bit of the essence of the Autumn day.

So here are a few piccies from the Fens, showing reflections and colours.

If the sun shines this weekend, and I can get out and about with the NX10, there may be another post.

I also learnt today, that despite having my Pentax K200D on permanent ownership. My daughter Harriet wants a NEW DSLR of her own
(despite the fact that she told me that the K200D is hers),
for Christmas and Birthday present joined.

No wonder I will have to work until I DIE!!!!

Anyway, here are some local pictures of Autumnal Colours and Reflections and Fen Sunsets

River Reflections near Quy

Out along Quy Water

Near Angelsey Abbey

Approach to Lode Mill

By the time we were heading back to the car, the sun was dropping over the horizon. It was time to get the young pupster Hamish into the car, before he buggered off into the dusk, and the Maize field for bloody hours.

But the day gets even better, because I had to pop out when I got back to pick up stuff.
And while doing this I noticed on super mega special offer, one last lingering bottle of Talisker Storm.

This is like Talisker but on steroids.

 Well, I just could NOT resist.

And having sampled it (well, you must), it is pretty damned fine.

Here's hoping for nice weather on the weekend, and a jolly good bike ride sans NX10