Selling MLD Solomid XL (2013/14) model & Inner Plus FlatCat Leopard Stove & Delios Filter


Selling my MLD Solomid XL (2013/4) version. ....... £190 (SOLD) 
Also (see below)
Flat Cat Gear Leopard Cook System ....................... £38 (SOLD)
Super Delios Water Filter (x2)  ................................  £10 (SOLD) 

MLD Solomid XL & MLD (converted) inner

Price is £190 in p&p UK only (or reasonable offer)

This is in very good condition, and has been used on quite a few trips inc 3 TGOC....

It comes with an MLD inner (this has solid rear and side walls after being converted at Astucas)

It is fully seam sealed.

The MLD inners were never the best, so, don't expect Oookworks quality fit.
More inner info below and pics.

The price includes postage (uk only), which will cost me approx. £10 with insurance.

Only reason for selling is that I now have a Duomid & Oookworks inner and this will just get left on the shelf, so someone else needs to use it.

To buy a NEW one now from Ron would cost £213 + £133 for the inner + Postage to UK, so you'd get little change from £340, and have to wait a while for it.

That said, you would get a brand spanking new model.

Below are a few pictures of it in the field + some pics of inner and outer.
This comes with all guys, BUT no pegs.

Some of the seam sealing is overkill & not the neatest I'll admit, (see pics), but better than leaky seams and apex.

There are some extra tie out eyelets added by me to the back of the inner, and a bit of sewing and tape, plus some reinforcement added to the tub floor corner ties.
A better sewer than myself could improve the inner by adding 2 better seams at the back. Astucas only seamed the front to it can bag slightly, hence my eyelets.
It has a full mesh front, but the rest is solid wall, which is better when a tad breezy.

The inner and outer come with their own original silNylon stuff sacks.

So, there, I have been totally honest with any changes.

As I say, I have been using this since late 2014 on all trips (inc. 3 x TGOC and it has been bombproof).

Officially it is a 3 season tent.

Outer in sack 560g
Inner in sack 380g
(that excludes pegs)

I should also add, that pitch height is approx. 140cm

You need POLES that go that height or need to make a short 10cm pole jack to fit on the bottom of the pole.

You can get these from MLD, but mine is staying with the Duomid.
I used 3 piece BD ergo cork poles with it that go to 140cm.
You can pitch it with an A pole shape, but I used to double pole it at the front (mainly to keep the 2nd pole out of the way).

FLAT CAT GEAR Snow Leopard (Meths/Esbit Stove) - SOLD
Stainless (NOT Titanium) version

£38 delivered (uk only)

Payment Direct bank Transfer or PayPal Gift!

The Brand New price from US is about $100
(exc the Esbit Burner & postage & UK Customs & the dreadful exchange rate)


This is a 3 year old used item.
So it will have heat marks and burn marks etc all over it.

ALL the parts (except the pot) are in good working condition.
The pot is perfectly functional, but looks a bit dark from heating and is slightly scruffier (see pic)

This consists of the
* Flat cat Gear Shield & Pegs (with 2 x spare pegs)
* Snowpeak 700 pot & Lid (somewhat used - See pictures)
* Meths Burner Stove
* Square Esbit Tablet Base
* Small Black Mesh stuff sack.
* A bit of folding Aluminium to use as a base (not shown)
* Esbit Simmer normal burn adapter

Weight with all the above in small mesh bag is 200g

Meths stove with anti spill fireproof felt

Esbit Tab Base with Simmer

Stainless Windshield showing supports in correct configuration & 2 x spare pegs

Snowpeak 700 pot.
Old and used but fully functional (inc lid)
Slightly darkened and not 100% original thickness on base.
This is a Titanium Pot

All packs (except meths) into pot

Packed system in pot with meths and esbit components

Carry weight all in is 200g

Super Delios Water Filters x2 (one Brand New)

That price includes postage (2nd class UK only)

Payment by direct banking or Paypal GIFT.

Super Delios Water Filter & squeeze bag

There are 2 filters in this deal.

A used one that is still perfectly functional & a brand new one never unwrapped.
Plus the original squeeze bag

These retailed at $32.50 when new

I've NOT see them in the UK for a while

Selling because I have a Sawyer Squeeze with a much better flow rate
(which costs £39 new, so this is not bad for 2 x working filters)

The filter will also filter a standard bottle, and a standard platypus bladder.

2016 Review Here http://trailandmountain.com/super-delios-water-filter-revi…/

This is the used one.
Perfectly Functional

NEW Unwrapped

Fits a Standard Platypus