MARIPOSA ROBIC Version for sale £125 delivered


Excuse the Oliver tangential title there.

OK, before we look at these, let me tell you WHY they are for sale.

I have 2 other packs.

A Hyperlite Mountain Gear WindRider 3400 and a Robic version of the Gorilla
So these are totally surplus to my needs, and would be much much better off being used by someone else rather than sitting in my wardrobe unused.

MARIPOSA ROBIC Version  £125 delivered    


(and delivery costs £10+ royal mail )

Size Large with a medium belt

Sizing info from GG site
Large (19" - 22" torso) (48 - 56 cm.)
Measuring from C7 to where top of hips would meet the spine at the bottom.
Approximately 5'9" to 6' 2", but torso length is more important than height

This is the Robic version of the Mariposa and includes the waist Belt
It has been used about 10 times in total.

You can get one from Gossamer Gear here (expect to add 20% + £10+) customs to that.
The price below doesn't inc shipping (normally about $40+  nor the Customs duty.

You can also buy a brand new one from BOB for £179.99 and then add £24.99 for the hip belt
That's £ 204.98

And no medium hip-belts at the moment.

You do the maths!!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong, Bob does a damned good deal on these, and if you want a NEW one, you'd be mad to import it.

But, you can buy this one.
So, why so cheap?

I have modified this by changing the webbing on the hip belt.
This is a thicker webbing, and does not slip unlike the dreadful webbing that Gossamer Gear used.
But because of this, I have reduced the price.
See the pictures.
These are stronger and better than the originals, if you can live with the sewing.
I have done the same to my Robic Gorilla, which I am keeping, and trust me, it is the dogs danglers.
Far far better than the original.

So, here it is.

Take it or leave it....

If you want one, then this is a bloody bargain

New Webbing added to the Belt
OK.. The sweing is not super neat.
But it is bulldog strong.
Doesn't slip like the feeble Gossamer Gear stuff.

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