For Sale Z Packs 20F Classic Sleeping Bag

For Sale - Z Packs original classic 20F bag £120 (inc postage)  on


Selling my older Z Packs 20F bag.

This is approx 5 years old.
I bought it in Dec 2014

It has done a couple of Challenges and a few other trips

It is in very good condition, although it may benefit from a clean to improve the loft, it does not look like it needs a clean.
That is normally a £35 charge.
I could get it cleaned, but that would have to put the price up.

It hasn't been used for a few years, as I have an Enlightened Quilt now that I use.

This has the zip baffle to stop cold getting in via the zip.
It is a standard Z Packs bag, so has no hood.

Weight approx 575g (in stuff sack)

The stuff sack is not the original from the bag, just a thin sil stuff sack.

Standard Length (now called medium) and wide fitting.

Measured dimensions (by me, on the outside) are:
Length 74"
Width at foot 14"
Width at collar 26"
Width 20" below the collar 24"

Rating 20F (that is optimistic IMO, this is much more a 30F bag)

It has been kept unpacked in an aired bag (not in a loft)

Current NEW price is $379 for this (or it was)

Bag on Z Packs Site

That excludes the shipping and vat and HMRC costs, so approx $30 shipping
Then hope that HMRC don't sting you 20% extra for the vat ($82)

That's £331 exc Vat or £397 with vat

That's not a bad price then, even if you do add in cleaning costs 🤔

Contact me for any further details.

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