Maybe the extra running was a bad idea - 26th April 2011

So I did see the Dr and it transpires that although the ribs themselves are OK, I have probably
inflamed an old skiing injury and damaged the cartilage on the ribs which is why it appears to be getting worse at present. There is not a lot that can be done other than rest, so there isn't going to be much of that with the Challenge in just under 15 days. 

 I think I will be taking pain killers with me, and the dog is going to be pissed off for the next week. I guess I could walk with the dog rather than run. Now there's an idea!

Addendum 28th April

Ribs now have light swelling, and click when you press them and sometimes when I move.
They don't hurt when you press them lightly, just click.
It is sneezing that hurts the most.
Hmmmmmmm.......... 2 weeks to get better then ..........

Addendum 29th April

Another day and they are worse than they were.
This is NOT looking good at the moment.


  1. Hmm, got off lightly me thinks. I always said running was bad for the health... Hope you're fighting fit in time, or atleast in a bearable state.

  2. Thanks Louise.
    I think bearable state is more likely than fighting fit.

  3. I thought I'd bust a rib a couple of years ago just before the Challenge. I'd taken a marvellous diving catch in cricket and felt like I'd broken every bone in my ribcage. The doc said the ribs probably weren't broken and there was nothing he could do anyway and I quote "and it'd be much better for your general mental and physical health to go on your walking holiday than staying here worrying about your ribs". So he gave me some industrial strength Ibuprofen and I went on the TGOC. It hurt putting on the rucksack but after a day all the pain had gone.... well, all the pain in my ribs! Good luck with yours!

  4. I gotta stash of Tramadol. We'll mix it with a few drams on the sleeper - no pain, guaranteed ...

    ... er, possibly no waking up either, but you can't have everything.

    Hope it gets better, or at least tolerable, in the next couple of weeks, Andrew. Take it easy.