In all honesty these are not a set of worrying circumstances,
but some, OK one is mildly disturbing.

You will need to read on!

Now, some people give up work, and then shortly after just drop down dead.

Personally I think I need to give up work BEFORE I drop down dead.

Unfortunately, the giving up of work is not practical at the moment, what with the dependent teenage offspring.
It has thus struck me recently, that it would have been sensible to maybe not wait until I was past 40 before producing the next Walker generation.
Don't get me wrong, I think that they are brilliant, it is just that I would like to stop having to earn a crust.

For myself, I could happily live in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere.
Ok briefly I might miss the technology, but .....

Anyway, it ain't gonna happen!


I finally got round to seam sealing Wendy last week, and attaching her new extra guy ropes
courtesy of Sean at Oookworks.
Top man.      Did I say that before?

I will post a picture later on once she has been up in the garden, but it rained for the first half of the week, and what with WORK, (did I mention that as well?), I have not had the time.
But soon.

I also reinforced the perforation in her nether regions with some excellent

Mcnett Tenacious Repair Tape.


I so wish I had had some on last years challenge.
In fact when I got back I discovered that Lucy had bought me some for my birthday last March,

but I had forgotten about it and so did not take it.

It sticks to anything (ask our cat!)   

TN Laser Competition

My old TN Laser Competition has finally gone to a new home.
Here she is in her new garden, and I hope Sandy does not mind the photo going in.
If he does I will apologise and remove it.
See how much happier she looks now she is not stuck in my Wardrobe.


A worrying development with Alcohol

I have been a bit disturbed recently to discover, that since I was ill over Christmas and the New Year, I appear to have  ....................................... 


Yes you heard it here first!

I think that since about 28th Dec,    I have drunk 2 cans of beer!
That is it!
Total consumption.

Considering the Challenge is in under 11 weeks now,
and I have to go on a pre Challenge weekend as well,
I am not sure what to do.

I may have to try and force myself to drink a can of Abbot Ale tonight.
But last time I tried, I drank ¼ of a can and left it in the fridge for a week,
then poured it down the sink.
With hindsight, I nice Ale Pie may have been a good use!  Damn!

And I have a bottle og Glenlivet 12 years single malt, and 2 bottles of Sloe Gin waiting to head into the hills.

Oh what to do, what to do......

I expect to get some suitable suggestions!

Lovely weather in the Fens today     ---    so we went for a bit of a RUN!

A know that I shouldn't, because the Vet said that Jasper Hound is old and arthritic and is not really allowed to go for long walks / runs anymore.


We went to Fleam Dyke anyway
(not going to do loads of photo's because I have done that blog).
It is just over 5½ K each way when you go to Balsham, and then there is the extra 3 or 4 K bit at the end into Fulbourn, so it is a bit far for him (and for me at the moment).

BUT.. we did it anyway and the weather was brilliant.
The sun came out and apart from the 'arse brained tossers' on motocross bike (see later), it was a lovely run.

Cambridge Skies (Is it Spring Already?)
This may look flat to you, but THAT is a Mountain down here!


Now, when you are running along a narrow track, on a day as beautiful as it was today, with not a care in the world, it is VERY VERY easy to not spot the crocodiles on the path.

You may remember that I fell foul of these buggers last year a few weeks before the challenge and nearly cracked a rib.

WELL. I did it again today.

One second everything was fine and Dandy, and then I was suddenly stumbling in space desperately fighting gravity, as the ground was coming to meet me.  


In all honesty, you have to wonder how the hell I didn't spot them as they lay across the path.
But I didn't.
AND it hurt!

So, we scrubbed ourselves down ( as you do ), and carried on.
Hands scuffed, elbow scuffed and both knees rather sore!

SHIT happens!, and talking of shit, see later!

Fluffy things in the bushes

You can see which way the wind blows


Did I mention the utter TWATS on motocross bikes going along the top of Fleam Dyke?
These were not young ones either, these were older well dressed in terms of bike gear, probably (I generalise totally here) middle management tossers, who had taken their motorbikes through a narrow gate that blatantly said NO CYCLING it being a FOOTPATH and all, and had then ridden them along the top of the Dyke Path, which is a historical monument, churning up the track.
They had also ridden them down the flight of steps at the end.

I can say no more than complete utter wankers!
May they soon contribute to the advancement of Neurology and Orthopaedics.

On a plus note, there were bits of broken fender at the bottom where someone on a bike had obviously fallen.
Shame it wasn't his fucking neck though!

Skid Marks on Dyke
Scuff Marks on steps
Skid Marks at Bottom

Broken Bike Bits :)


And back to another pet hate of mine.
People who collect the shit (let's not beat about the bush here) from their dog in a plastic back and then just lob it into the nearest tree or bush.

What the FUCK did you bother for you moron!



I couldn't find this on U Tube so Cara Dillon's song 
Falling Like A Star from the Album Sweet Liberty 
(The whole Album is excellent)
<BGSOUND SRC="http://www.helions.co.uk/mp3/Falling%20Like%20A%20Star.mp3" LOOP="1">


  1. Sounds to me like you need a few weeks walking across Scotland. I went "training" in the Boot last night with WeeWillyWilky and discussed, in detail, appropriate footwear.

    Strangely, I too have been off the beer recently - just haven't fancied it that much...

    I wonder if it's an age thing?


  2. Worrying indeed.
    I didn't manage that beer last night either.

    I might need counselling.
    Or i could be dying.