Brynje Super Thermo shirt with inlay (1st Impressions)

REVIEW Brynje Super Thermo shirt with inlay

I have had this for a couple of months, but last week in the Cairngorms was the first time I got to take it out for a real test.

Off the web site.
For decency sake I decided NOT to model it myself!

My Super Thermo in Medium

I should also say, that I bought this with my own money, and all opinions are mine alone.

I bought it from Nordiclife an excellent service!

I had heard some good things about these, and I believe that Chris Townsend has tested them.

So off we went to the Gorms (blog post later on that) and I can say that although the weather was good, it was bloody cold. So I was not sure about a baselayer with holes in, but if it is good enough for the Norwegian Army!

My only reservation is that unlike a normal base layer, you would think twice about wearing it without anything over the top in a pub.

But that is NOT what it is for.

I bought mine in a size medium, using measurements from the web site as a guide.
If you are going to wear it, it needs to be tight fitting. This is crucial or it just won't function.

So how did it fair?

Well as a proper multi-day vest I wore it for the full trip, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat (inc at night).

Yeah I know, I know disgusting but ......

This was the Super Thermo, NOT the Merino version, but after 4 days continuous usage, it didn't smell. OK, I may have but I was amazed the base layer didn't.

Because it is tight to the skin, it is comfortable too.
I bought the one with shoulder inserts because of carrying a heavy pack, and I would advise that that is sensible.

My Arm (that's all I am modelling OK)
It does need to fit this tightly

Shoulder insert

Insert from inside.
Makes the pack MUCH more comfortable

Mesh on the Super Thermo

It was pretty bloody cold up their in the Cairngorms last weekend.
Top of Bein Dearg photos below.

Keith on Beinn Dearg

Martin on Beinn Dearg

Martin on Beinn Dearg

So what layers did I have?

The Brynje Super Thermo Base Layer
A Montane windproof fleece
and if necessary 
a Gortex Berghaus Jacket.

At night in the sleeping bag (a zpacks 20F - more of that in another review)
I wore longjohns and the Brynje Top.

I was pretty damned impressed with it I can tell you.
It kept me warm at all times unless I was silly enough to go out of the tent wearing just the top in the middle of the night.

The other thing that impressed me, was that fact that it did not retain much moisture when carrying a big pack.
Often regardless of the weather, you get a damp patch at the base of your back where the pack presses. The Brynje top I guess maybe because it is a mesh, just didn't trap the damp like my other base layers.

And another BIG PLUS for me, was the length.
A lot of base layers ride up (especially carrying a big pack) and you can end up with that air gap between the top of your trousers and the bottom of the base layer.
The Brynje tops are loooonng
They stay in place really well. A bit like a bike top they have that bit extra. 
You can tell that from the photos above and below.

So, conclusions (subjective as they are)

I was surprised, but I found it very comfortable in practice.
I thought the mesh may feel odd, and when you put it on for the 1st time it did a bit (unless you are Rab C Nesbit), but soon you don't notice it.
The shoulder padding works well, I am not sure that a vest without this would be as comfortable when carrying a heavy load, but I am sure it would be fine for day packs.

Warmth & Moisture Wicking
Worked well.
I was warm even when it was cold once I had the 3 layers, and yet, when working hard and despite sweating, the base layer did not feel clammy or wet, and any dampness there was went very quickly.

And a great length too, so none of that riding up above the waistband malarkey.

Value for Money?
Well, seems pretty competitive if you ask me.
£39.00 for the Super Thermo compares very well against any other quality base layer.
Even the £58 for the Merino version.
Especially if, as merino normally does, it remains stink free for even longer.

1st Impressions
VERY GOOD bit of kit, glad I bought it.

This is always a tough one, because things like this are personal.
But I would recommend it most definitely.
I would certainly buy another one (hoping this one lasts well though).
I am certainly going to get a short sleeve one at some point.

And I am looking forward to checking out the Merino one on the TGOC in just over a months time.

From a functional point of view I found none.
With hindsight now I wish I had got the one with the zip top, but I was too stingy.

The only other negative is that unlike a normal base layer, would you wear one on it's own (yeah, yeah with trousers) around town or in a pub
I didn't. I felt a bit "Right said Fred"
But then again, you wouldn't buy it for that! Would You?

The Merino version

I will do a long term and durability test much later on when I have attempted to wear the life out of them





  1. That's an interesting bit of kit. Strings vests were all the rage in the 1960s, mainly because of the insulation they offer - trapping pockets of warm air close to the skin I suppose. With modern fabrics and manufacturing techniques I imagine it was only a matter of time before they re-emerged.

  2. Been around in Norway for quite a while.
    Definitely works well.

  3. Second go at a comment - It seems to have swallowed the first...
    You should wear this in the Bree Louise. It's long, so just this - and let all the lads from CAMRA know you've spent the afternoon in Transformations.
    You'll go down a storm.

  4. And I've now got the FIGURE for it darling!!!
    But if I still looked like this!
    In see through? OMFG !

  5. Anyway, I will be wearing my annual special T shirt in the BREE! #GADDICTION!

  6. Damned expensive string vest. Might check out the Army and Navy stores and see if they have any 60’s gear left. Ha.
    Ussen make some nice baselayers.