TGOC 2017 Days 10 to 14 - Braemar to Kinnaber Links

Tedeschi Trucks Band - Midnight in Harlem Live

Well, you can read on, 
OR first you could just shut your eyes for 12 min and listen to the music.
Just an idea but a great idea..
AND.. some of the best bottleneck slide guitar you will hear!!
Trust me!!!!! 😮😮🎸🎶

Day 10 - Sun 21st - Braemar to Callater

Ahh.but that's no day at all is it.
Well, you'd think that, but read on

First thing, maybe NEW SOCKS?

The day started with rising and then popping out to the shops for last minute supplies.
Also to buy some flowers and stuff to leave for Kate (as she is a diamond).

Then pop in for breakfast.
No longer sadly at the mighty OLD BAKERY as it was shut due to sad circumstances.
And it won't be coffee there any more as I believe it is being converted into a shop supposedly on hearsay for middle management reward systems punters to buy woefully inappropriate tweed stuff, so they can be driven up hills to pretend to shoot deer while the local stalkers really do it.
The pseudo Rupert brigade.

Anyway, that me be totally crap and the wittering of a prejudiced idiot. Who knows.

So, morning Coffee, Walker's though for the day!

So, after breakfast, and heading back and wandering about generally aimlessly, it was eventually time to wander off down the road to past the golf course I intended popping up a Corbett on route.
The one to the right, not the nightmare on the left of the river.
I had done it once before with Gerry.
The weather was ok, but blowing a bit.

I couldn't get the actual start point in one grab
Can't say much about this otherwise.
Follow the map..
Great way to Callater.
It will be my route this year 2019 too.

Old barn along the Golf course road

There were lots of day walkers walking back down.
I got a puzzled look, as with a great big rucksack, I just headed off right up the hill.
It was a bit grey and murky.

Not the summit

It was turning chilly now, I pondered on not going on but dropping off, as visibility was getting worse and rain was creeping in, but faint heart
Fewer photos in the next bit, some of the conditions were not conducive to keep taking out a camera, and I needed eventually to get down to Callater

Finally back down and on the track

I headed in to Callater to grab a hot tea, and to drop stuff off.

Bill, Pieman and Mick

I popped out for some pictures of the Loch outflow

Callater tent city growing
And then it was into the evenings entertainment.
It was a good evening, although some managed rather too much alcohol.
I know it was a party, but when you can't stand and can't speak.
I ended up late with Steve in the kitchen doing a lot of washing up.

Lindsay, Al and the very nice Mr Williams taken through the window

Tim may have had a few?? 😁
Sleep amidst dreadful snoring was had......

And then it was time to go...…………

Well, Tea and Bacon butties first mind...

Day 11 - Mon 22nd - Callater to Clova via Jocks Road

Now, I had last done Jocks road back in 1995 on my 1st TGOC, so this year I decided, despite an inclination to go high to the right (done that anyway), to head don the track.
I started off walking with Mike and his son.

As we moved on beyond the end of the Loch I moved on ahead, swapping with Sabine, who cracked on. I would eventually catch up again as we headed up over between Knaps of Fafenie and Tolmont.
Sabine was heading over to do Tom Buidhe I believe, and maybe Tolmont. I'd been over those in 2016, so we parted and I headed over to Crow Cragies.

As I dropped down off the 874 height point, the weather took a turn towards sodding wet.
Everything on, I dropped down in intermittent rain passed the shelter.

Starting the descent

As I approached the woods passing several people out walking with dogs the rain lashed in again.
I stopped in the woods for a bite to eat.
It was marginally sheltered.

Lunch spot
It was beginning to brighten up

Time to crack on out of the woods eventually and down the road to the Clova Hotel where I was booked in to the bunkhouse ( now sadly gone and replaced by expensive accommodation, so won't be doing this route again, as camping is frowned upon, and the YHA is shut, and bunkhouse is now arm and a leg prices 😕 )

Last year I was up there.
A bit of me regretted not going, but the WEATHER 🤔

Heading down the road.
By this time boogie music in the ears to take away the tedious slog.
I stopped a couple of time to remove wet weather gear.
It was turning out OK.
Fingers X for tomorrow then.

Arrived at last

Now, for NO apparent reason, this bit is vague.
I didn't drink much, but I just cannot remember who was actually there, or who I spoke to???
I have a vague recollection that Ali was there.... 🤔

Add a comment if you remember and obviously actually read this! 😂

Tarfside beckoned for tomorrow, via a different route.

Day 12 - Tue 23rd - Clova via Tarfside via Loch Wharral and the Goet

I assume I had breakfast......
Then it was off down the road for a bit rather than the trade route up to Brandy.
I had plans for Loch Wharral and the Goet, and then..... 🤔🤔
I'd make it up......

TBH, I think this is a much nicer route than the standard slog up to Brandy and down and over .
And you have a good walk over peat bog, and an option to do the Hill of Rowan.
I've done it twice now, so I gave it a miss this time.

Heading down the road

At this point what should have been a cracking path, but I couldn't find the path, and having trudged through overgrown wood and new plant, eventually struggled up through God knows what until I had to clamber over a fence to eventually get to a bit of track.
With hindsight, going down the road to the main track would have been a darn sight easier.

Heading over nothingness

Eventually I got up to the loch track and went down to look at the newish hut

Time to move on and head up to the top of the Goet.

Top of the Goet
 Heading off now to head over the stile and then over to Black shank.
Avoiding the temptation to get lured to the track that heads to the Sheilin of Slaughs

Not a track in sight, why would you take the nasty little boggy track to Wester Skuiley and round to Burnt hill, when you can just bimble across this expanse of nothingness.

A suitable stop point for lunch me-thinks

And more of the same.
Track??? What track 😁

Civilisation at last

Looking down to Glen Effock

Cairn Caidloch (I think), it's a bit vague

The river and bridge past Gleneffock farm

Finally back on the track to Tarfside
Maybe I should have taken some pictures of the track round below the monument, but I was racing to beat some people to the track.

And then I was there.
Popped in to St Drostan's for a chat and tea, and then off down to the field to pitch up before grabbing some food and then heading to the Mason's for some beers and a mighty social evening.

And then at some VERY late point it was back to the tent.
I was not last out by any means, and there were some there rather worse for wear.
Especially if you haven't put your tent up yet, and you try to do it in the dark and hammered.

Bloody funny though.


Day 13 - Wed 24th - Tarfside to Northwater Bridge via the Hills of Wirren 

So I popped into St Drostan's to pay up, and grab a tea or something.
Maybe a bacon roll.
Then down the road to the retreat for a second coffee before the serious work began.

No idea how that stayed up.
Half the poles and pegs weren't in it.
Luckily it wasn't windy.

So heading briefly down the road to the Retreat for extra caffeine.

OK, maybe more than coffee then... 🤔😁

The legend that is Russ 😁

And then it was down the road to cross the river.

At this point everybody went left down the Esk.
It was very very tempting, but I turned right and headed back 2km so I could go up the hill.
As it happens, I stayed too low and had to climb a fence and a wall and trudge up a steep bit to get back on track.

So, at this point, as nice as the flat grass was, I should have already been at least 200 m further left up the hill. 😕

Yep, it's right up there somewhere

It's quite a steep track in places,
but eventually after what seems to be FOREVER, you do get to the top.
This used to be a peat bog nightmare, but now there are wide tracks everywhere.
This is a good and bade thing.
It makes walking easier, but as there are so many criss-cross tracks that is makes navigation harder.
And IMO, it has spoilt the isolation of it all.

Ahh.... Track
Near the top there is a bit that you have to go through a gate to eventually start to get the right track down. You could carry on along the wall/fence line, but that is not a good thing......

Cracking views back down
Strangely, few people seem to go this way, they take the Esk...
They miss a great route.

I think it was an Eagle

Some serious wind erosion going on

The track goes through the fence near here to head down

And down

Heading to the farm and the road to Edzell

So Edzell it was, drop pack by the café and go to the butchers down the high street for pies, and the shop opposite for wine and beer for NWB, then back to the tea rooms for coffee and a scone before heading off the final bit over the bridge and through Chapleton farm, before donning headphones and loud boogie music to do the trudge down the road to NWB

The boingy bridge

Don't risk the whole road (EVER), cross at Northgate and take the back track.
It is nicer, safer and no further.

So there I was Northwater Bridge Camp site.
Booked in.
Tent up, and IF lucky a warm shower before it all goes horribly cold.

The Usual Suspects

My Cuben Duomid and Oookworks Inner.
Obviously I don't have this anymore & Oookworks is no longer.
I am now using a Tarptent Notch (see 2018 TGOC) and a mighty tent it is

I believe there was partying until late, and beer and wine and whisky this night.
But... Never again since I think 2015 or 2014, will I get as totally bladdered as that.

Note to self: I must take more entertainment pictures in future

And sleep, tomorrow was the final day.... 

😁 and yet 😥

Day 14 - Wed 25th - Northwater Bridge to Kinnaber Links (off road if possible)

The final day.
The final push

Down the road, and over the dreaded busy A90

And then past the NEW slowly disappearing car.
There had been one there for year.
Then it went.
AND... Now, a NEW one.

Across the river, and then take the road to Mains of Gallery where we took the track to avoid the corner, then more road down to the corner at Marymill.
Under the railway bridge, and then take the track just before the bridge that follow the river  to Craigo and then to Logie.

Down the river

At Logie take the track to cross the main road and then follow the path through the woods all the way to come out in Hillside

In Hillside just follow the road down to the end and then cross taking the road to the Maltings.
I know the map show a path, but this is almost impossible to find as there is NEW build and it is just as easy to take the road to the Maltings and then look for the sign post to Charleton Farm and the WONDEROUS strawberry tarts and Teas.
Never been?

There we also bought strawberries to take to the beach and have with a whisky toast.

And so to the beach to celebrate another crossing.

NO 12 for me and more to come.
Despite the fact after 10 I said I was going to stop.
It's a bit disturbing then that I also did 2018.
I am doing 2019 with Mssr's Sloman, Lambert and Williams
I have already planned a route for 2020


Follow the track from the Farm out and then across and down to the Dunes and to the beach

And then after a few pictures of folk

It was off down the beach for the Final sign in at Montrose

And Montrose, sign in.
Chat and tea and...

Put stuff in room at the Park....

And chill! 😁🤔🤔

Obviously that is an ideal scenario, but not so.
All that is true, but then I had to go and find Humphrey and do some musical practice, get sound levels, and find Keith, because we needed to get ready for some LIVE music 🎸🎶 after the meal.

And we did it in 2018.


If you are going to be on 2019 then it being the 40th, we have now got at least 5 acts !!!

Just sayin'

And then MUSIC!!

The 2017 Travelling T-Shirt

And that's it folks!
Another year done.

It was great.
There was scenery
There was hard work
There was weather

But most of all

There was the TGOC Family!

I guess that's why I keep coming back!


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