Did I mention coming back through customs on the way home from France?
We had as you know if you read the last post, taken Harriet's boyfriend Reece with us.
If you take someone under 16 abroad, and they are not related, then you have to have a letter signed by their parents, giving you permission, which is fair enough.
So we did, and on the way OUT OF THE COUNTRY, we were not asked for it.
On the way back in, we were. So it was rather unfortunate that Lucy had packed the letter in the bottom of a bag, in the bottom of the boot, assuming it would not be needed on the way back.

It was!

So that was fun (NOT).

A bit of advice

Best not to have a laugh with customs people while you wife is looking for the letter by saying

"We weren't expecting to bring him back, but we couldn't find a buyer"

Just sayin....................................

And now, all the good things (for me)

Olly got his results this week, on his return from another holiday in Portugal (him not us), and all is good with the world.
Well, all is good in Olly's World,
because he has his place at Moulton College in Northampton.
This is an excellent thing, because he can now do his Advanced Diploma in Sport, which is an A level equivalent, as part of the Rugby Academy, which is of course his passion.

So all in all, EXCELLENT.

Olly is No 25, playing Open Side

And also he had his first run out for Shelford Nomads (2nd XV ) this afternoon.
He had a good match, and Shelford won which is a bonus.
Ok, not the best game and a bit ragged in places, 
but first outing of the new season, and a win is a win.

So successful rugby, although tough taking photos in the never ending rain.

This next bit is for Catherine, who has for some reason taken exception to the fact
that in my 2011 Day 4 Cannich to Ault Na Goire write up, where we passed through Bearnock for something like 15 minutes, inc coffee stop, that instead of writing about the people and history and social aspects of the area, I mentioned it briefly, and fleetingly.
Apparently, this made my blog entry, pretentious and pointless, and I need to get a life.
Well, you cannot please everyone can you.

Pretentious Me (probably), 

"but nowt wrong we mi life tha nas", Catherine

So, this posting has therefore nothing to do with the life and times of the people of Bottisham, Cherry Hinton, or Shelford, all places I cycled through today fleetingly on my way to the rugby to watch Olly.
And as such it is of course flippant, pretentious rubbish, and not worth reading or writing.

Catherine of course does not have a blog as far as I know.
If she does, I am sure it is Shakespearean, or Dickensian in its social and literary content.

And back to the plot.

It rained a bit today in Cambridgeshire.
Rather a lot really.
Thunder, lightening, sleet and hail.

It rained on the way there, a lot, I know I was on my bike.
It rained during the match.
In fact at one point they had to come off for 15 min, because there was no visibility.
AND I can definitely testify that it rained on the way back.
Lots and lots and lots of it.
So much that I had to stop twice and spend 40+ minutes in bus shelters.
Yes, I could have cycled, but it was so heavy, that I was more concerned about the visibility to motorists.
Eventually I did make it back, but was quite surprised having cycled through the A14 underpass, to find that by the time I got half way through, the puddle was actually over 2' deep.
In fact, it was nearly to the top of the wheel at one point, and damned hard to cycle through.
Suffice it to say, that when I eventually got back home I was rather damp.

And so, to the cloud pictures at last, taken from our house, looking out across the fields.
Wonderful moody stuff.

I like clouds, you might have spotted that,
and so here are some especially pretentious ones :)

I had cycled through that lot.
Well, at ground level.

I did fiddle with the colour balance on this one

This is my favourite (but I love B&W)

Probably second favourite.
Very Close Encounters

All pictures taken with a
Samsung NX10
& 50 - 200 OIS Lens
+ Massa Polarising Filter

This posts music is
#98 by Matt Corcoran
I couldn't find a U Tube clip so you may not get a controller for it.


  1. I see that a lot of Cambridge City Centre was flooded too!
    There'll be blood sucking bats next...
    Well done to Olly.

  2. Bit pretentious all that....
    Only kidding. Smashing cloud photos.