I was meaning to post some stuff about Brittany and holidays and stuff,
but in the meantime, and having got back from holiday,
I have been a bit busy with the dreadful WORK.

And we decided we wanted a pond, and so we

(meaning mainly Lucy)

(OK, nearly ALL Lucy), 

(OK, ALL Lucy).

built one in the garden.

What with that and the rather fine weather of the last week,
we have had some new friends round in the garden.

One of them is rather partial to the pond.

And here they are .......... 

You can't have too many bees.
Well, you could, but you know what I mean.

And this fellow turned up at the bottom of the garden earlier in the week.

Well it appears, he very much likes the new pond, and made his way all the way up to visit us.

A little cat food snack is ok.
They also like meal worms

Hedgepig with Harriet
That orange thing is NOT the new pond, that's a bowl.
Indeed that is an 18 year old bowl from Danchuria in Spain,
which we bought having finished the GR10.
Oh the things you could do before children


We are thinking there might be another one around as well.

Poor chaps are now officially an endangered species, so we are hoping to build this little fellow up while he sticks around, so eventually he/she can go and make more.

I have NO IDEA how to sex hedgehogs ok.

Must be that time of year, because my Mother and Father in Law have one in their garden as well.


Oh yes, and as requested the POND pictures.

This is during constructio.

Almost finished.
A bit more slab and stone to be laid and it will be done.
Maybe later this week.
The plastic has been cut off now though

Andy McKee - Nocturne