Well, nearly all of it.

PANTS, it is NOT a simple topic, when you are looking at long distance multi day hikes.

Way way back in 2006, I walked with my then next door neighbour on the TGO.

Nick did NOT have suitable pants.
He had cotton pants.
Normal every day cotton pants.
Cotton pants that get damp near your bits.
Cotton that rubs and chaffs and generally makes things raw and rather less than pleasant.

Now, thankfully, due to an element of decency
and quite honesty having NO desire to photograph it,
I have NO images of Nick's tender and painful bits.

But trust me, you do not want this to happen to you.


I still have vivid memories and I may well be scared for life.

So back to pants.

I have tried a whole variety of pants over the years, in all shapes and sizes.
I will clarify that shortly.
What I mean is of course all styles.
My size has remained fairly stable (I'll stop there because it will descend into smut), 
if not by me, by someone else.

So this is really to get opinions and other comments in general on pants and general comfort of the nether regions.
As a bloke, I cannot really comment on women's undergarments.
At least I am not going to do it here.

So over the years I have used a variety of pants for walking.

One of my earliest proper walking pants was the HH ones.
BUT... They have no legs and I prefer legs

I used these for a couple of years (between washes).
Got them from Blacks I think.
For me, they are a perfect length.
About midway between knee and top bits.
Tactel, cool and I still use them for running.(underneath tracksters)

These are Merino Icebreaker 200 3/4.
I used them on the Challenge once,
but they were just too hot.
I now take them as thermals for sleeping in.
They are perfect for the job.
Can be worn under trousers if it is bloody cold.
And weigh a bit less than full length ones.

These are Katmandu Smartwool.
Not quite long enough in the leg for me, but
good for warmer days.
They did the whole of last years challenge.
WELL, that is until Braemar where I had a major elastic malfunction.
Not very supportive that

I like Paramo stuff, and currently have 2 paramo shirts,(one of which will be accompanying me this year), and also a Paramo 3rd Element Jacket.
Anyway, after the elastic issue in Braemar I got these.
They are OK, but for me the worst of the lot here.
And yes, they are inside out in the photo
And No, that is not why I found them uncomfortable

My Current favourites are these Smartwool ones.
At last a pair that are the correct leg length for me.
And Merino wool.
So this year I will be taking these and the 3/4 bottoms for the tent.
Which probably means the elastic will fail somewhere.
I hope not.

So that is it for pants for now.
I am sure others will have their favourites.

These are mine, what are yours?

And to add a couple of other recent photo's of places into the mill, just because I like them, and it's my blog.

Swaffham Prior Church

Close Encounter Clouds near Reach

More Fen Cloud Formations

OK. last clouds picture.
You cannot beat a nice Cumulonimbus

Quy nearing dusk

One of my favourite river stretches at Lode.
The colours of a Spring evening

And today's bit of music is one of my all time favourite songs from the man
David Cosby and Graham Nash, Page 43

Make the most of your life is the message


  1. X-Bionic boxers. Superb.
    Sometimes i wear Aldi's own boxers or briefs in very warm weather. Very light, comfy, fast drying. No complaints.

  2. Just to help from a womans point of view, 'cos obviously you're a fella and clueless about girly things, I wear Icebreaker shorts and 150 leggings to sleep in. So comfy, merino is my friend.

  3. Andrew I really love those photos. I love the area. Come to think of it I quite like the Landcapes too.

    Just for the record - this is a humorous comment.

  4. I'm not sure it's entirely decent to display a chap's shreddies on the internet, is it?

    What'll come next, I wonder.

    And now Louise is sharing details of her girly things...
    I need to go and pour myself a stiff drink.
    Standards. Standards!

  5. Ah, but I was talking Practical Pants Al, not frillies, wouldn't know much about them.

  6. Now you've mentioned frillies, he'll gave to go and lie down. :)