WANT & NEED, the Gear Dilemma

I wasn't going to write anything until next week, but I had been out for a run with the dog, done all my little chores 
(let's be honest, there was no way I was going to tackle any of the big chores), 
and while I was sorting out music players for next week, and a few other bits, 
like compasses, and reading about STUFF, I got a bit bored, and well here we are.

So, the point is, I really have too much stuff,
but today I was/am severely tempted by the door for the Trailstar.

Just to keep that extra bit of wind out, and also because it only weighs in at 35g.

But here is the BIG question.

Do I NEED this or do I just WANT this.

I know the answer. 
And you know the answer.

and since I have made NO decision yet about my Challenge Tent, then......

But, and here is the question, What's a man to do?

Well, it is the Daunder next week and I have decided to bite the bullet,
and go with a Trailstar rather than Wendy.

Wendy may still get the Challenge job, but I have to find out.
I do not need to take her for testing, I know she is fine.
She survived last year, and other places as well.

OK, admittedly she did not do so well on the Ingelborough trip, but I know she will be fine.
She has a sturdy supports to the tune of 3 new guy ropes for her tail end so all is good.

So, next week, there will be some happy snaps of happy chaps in T'North.

In the mean time, the Fens seem to be attracting April Showers.

I know I know, I ought to be working to earn money for all the bloody gear I don't really need.


I have been working all hours since January, and I am having a couple of days off.
And a couple next week I know.
And the whole of May (almost).

That's the thing about being self employed.
You can take time off whenever you like.
But you don't get paid.
Nor when you are on holiday,
nor when you are ill, or have to do something because someone else is ill.

It's fine, I have got used to it now.

So, Fen weather

I took this a couple of weeks ago whilst out running with Harriet.
The rest were taken today.
I like clouds

And a couple more just added

Some wag wrote this on the new signs.
It was done in chalk

Now, that's a bog!

On the music front, I have recently been listening to some stuff from Porcupine Tree.
Who had slipped under my radar until recently


  1. Nice clouds. you won't see them with a door on your Trailstar, you know...

    You really ought to do more work - the country is relying on your taxes.

  2. At 35gr can you afford to leave it at home. No.
    You don’t have to instal it on good days, you could lie on it.
    I do like the Trailstar.
    Fantastic pics btw and i especially like the B&W one. Very nice.

    1. The B&W one was originally colour, but I changed it to a B&W and then solarized the image.
      I used to do that a lot when I was taking REAL B&W films, but it took a lot longer in those days, and I had to lock myself in the darkened bathroom, with trays of chemicals.
      It is a lot easier now :)

  3. Hm. I started so strong. I don't need any more gear, I told myself. No. I don't. But somehow I seem to have ended up with a Paramo Velez Adventure Smock, a pair of Merrell boots, Berry Superfeet, two pairs Icebreaker socks, OMM Kamlieka Pants (which I'm not taking after all. Oops.) Gerwol Extra, Bug Geroff, Osprey rucksack and cover and an Exped Synmat UL. That was a real surprise, I wasn't even looking to replace my Prolite. Oh dear...

    Great pics btw. Love clouds.

  4. ...Oh, and a Torres Gilet, but I bought that for Aedan's D of E exped. Honestly.

  5. Louise....
    You appear to have the G.E.A.R virus.
    This could explain why you have been feeling off colour recently. :)

  6. You know, you know, what you know you need!

    But, you like it, you know you like it, you want it ..... yes you do........ and, it is sitting there eating into your mind, causing millions of little mind bits to twitch and turn and squirm and gyrate. And, you will be able to use it, or not, as the will takes you - but you will use it more times than not - you know you will.

    And when the Boss comes over with a cup of tea in the morning, you will be spared a few seconds of a sight that even Gandolf would find awesome. But, only if you part with £35 incl UK P & P.

    Order done yet?

    1. Ah Gordon.
      I have NO willpower.

      I need therapy :)

      Read into that what you will :)