21st June 2011 - After the Party MY 2011 Piccy's

Well, Lucy's party is finished now (Not to publish her age, but it was her 50th Birthday and she does not look a day over (What do you say at this point? - I'll go for 40).

So that gave me a final breathing space and I managed to get the Picassa Photo's all done and captioned up and stuff

You can view them here MY TGOC 2011 CHALLENGE PHOTOS 
I did seem to over do it and there are literally hundreds.

I have managed to maintain my fitness levels since the Challenge.
Kept up with the dog running and also some cycling, and also done some good old fashioned weights in the garage. Once I used to but then they were only used by Olly for Rugby training. But now he has to share again.

I will shortly now begin the proper write up of the Challenge but you may have to wait another week or 2 for that.

Back soon (ish)

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Voodoo Chile


  1. Pretty damn fine slide show, Sir! You must have taken rolls and rolls of film.

    Note: Not all the pictures play in the slide show at the moment - might need fixing?

    Looking forward to the write up.

  2. You are correct.
    I failed to upload about 20 slides.
    But they are there now.
    Including some fine ones of YOU Sir!

  3. Very good Andrew, with a lot of candidates for caption contests. I look forward to the written report!