I NEED A MOUNTAIN! And I Need it Noooowwwwww!

Well, as you are aware, it has been a few weeks now since I was fit for purpose.
I may never have been truely fit for purpose if truth be told.

BUT... My Mum loves me!  & Lucy puts up with me!

So I really, really, really need to get up a hill or three.
The way things are looking, I will not be going anywhere until the Snake Pass Reunion.
There is justs so much to do, and so much work and crap to catch up on.
I may just have to get Challenge fit during the first 4 days in May.

I was really hoping that I might be able to do something walky/hilly/runny  at half term,
but what with the backlog of stuff, I now only have 2 days that week that I am not committed to some work based thing, and in all honesty, I think I need to use one of those as well.

Ideally, I need to retire, before I die!

I'll need to get permission though, and I cannot see that happening.

So anyone off to the Mountains or any Hills or stuff?
I need a reason to get away, before I lose the will to live!

Harriet somewhere near the Top of Fairfield back in 2006.
It is quite scary how grown up she is now!
I am hoping she may be doing her FIRST Challenge on my 10th.
But I have to get to 10 first!

Olly back in 2006 in Caudale Beck
Olly 6 Months ago Northampton Saints U16's
AND NOW He is 2" Taller
and far more muscle.

Although I have always had a fairly eclectic music collection spanning all Gendre's 
from Folk, Classic, Opera, Rock, Jazz, Country, Punk etc, etc. 
I always come back to THE BLUES (that is where my heart lies)
Even though Calvin Russell is really Country, this is Blues to my mind

Calvin Russell - Crossroads
Off the album (Sounds From the Fourth World)

Still the Blues but a different Direction


  1. Ahem, I hope you don't mind me saying old chap......but your daughter is a damn sight prettier than you!

    (Who isn't AT ALL pretty!)

  2. She is probably also brighter too.
    In all honesty both my children are better looking than me.

  3. It's a bugger I know - my three outshine me big time.

    Mind you, that's not saying much!


  4. Buck up man! It'll be our normal Chally then. We'll be fit by Day 14.
    Mustn't go mad, after all.

    Just get a few beers down your throat. Lot's of good stuff in beer. Fixes everything, beer does...

  5. I am planning to get fit this weekend.
    Problem is....
    By Monday I'll be buggered. :)

  6. I am SERIOUSLY, REALLY hacked off. I took my own advice, I had two weeks, TWO WHOLE ONES! with no walking, for a tiny little sniffle. I took it gently for a couple more, popped out for something slightly more interesting at the weekend and bingo, BACK TO COUGHING AND WHEEZING AND RAGING TEMPERATURE! Shan't be taking my advice again, oh no siree!

    1. It's a tough call Louise.
      Isolation is the only way.
      Which is difficult with a house full of kids.
      In total it has taken me nearly a month to recover.
      And Now I have to get fit again.