3rd Jan 2012 

And thus is came to pass, that Christmas and the New Year was beset with medication.
Alas the postponed Boxing Day walk which was to become a New Year walk was struck down with illness.

The bunged up nasal cavities that managed to spiral into sinus infection eventually managed to work it's way into the chest, and I am now on a full blown set of antibiotics to try and cure this.
Not really going out now, I have become completely   dependent on Method 2.
You may remember that Method 1 the execise regime was intermittenly successful.
Unfortunately it was successful in helping to supress my immune system to the sorry state that I am now in.

This was compounded by the problems of getting suitable medication before today because the Dr surgery was shut until today.

So luckily I now have suitable medication for the next 7 days, and I am hoping that this will return me back to the fitter sorry state that my body was in before.

At least the visit to the Dr has proven that it was a bit more than MAN FLU!

Apart from the coughing, it was probably the dull ache in the chest that signified full on infection that made me give up the exercise and go to the Dr.
OK, I did try and cycle 10 miles yesterday and 12 the day before, but hey.... it might have worked.

It didn't! I feel like SHIT!

On a plus note (not mine) the cat is doing well

Apart from his tail that looks ridiculous.


We took Dawg out on Sunday (before I rode to Cambridge and back - foolish)

He decided that he could carry this all the way round (about 7½ miles)

Mind you, he's not on antibiotics

So all in all, the New Year is NOT going very well at the moment.
I am hoping for an improvement!

Did I mention the weight training?

That was probably not a good idea either!

I might need to rethink this whole strategy!

So all in all, not a lot happening here apart from whinging men!

I need to report back when I am feeling a lot better!

In the meantime I will just have to get back to a bit of Guitar


Aynsley Lister - Angel O' Mine


  1. Phew,

    I was getting really worried about the cat!

    Keep taking the medicine.

  2. Penicillin, eh? That'll sort out all the infections then...

  3. I told you that Pole Dancing club was a bad idea last May!