Sat 14th Jan 2012

And Lo It Came to Pass on the 7th day (well 6th in all honesty),
that all things did appear to have been completed and cured.

And He looked down on his work, and his well being,
and Lo it was Good.

And the day was bright, and the Sun shoneth down upon all creation, and the frost dids't glisten, and all shone forth, and the Black Hound at his right hand did smile and looking longingly at the portal .

And so they set forth upon their lowly walk.

For it was good.

And they heedeth greatly the words of the Good Angel Louise,
and the Fallen Angel Sloman,
and dids't walk in a leisurely manner that dids't befittest their state.

It came to pass that the Devil did tempt them
and whispereth in their ear with words of great wonders.

"Thou cans't go for a run."
"Just a little one eh? ...."
"For  thy knowest that thy wanteth to"
"And are thy not thy own man!"

And lo, though we did resisteth, the words of the tempter were great.

And we dids't weaken, and become to those words.
And our will it dids't wain
And we did fall short in the great goodness that would be our well being.

And we did Jog-eth a smidgen,
and latterly a smidgen more.
And ..................   

And tho we dids't feel good upon the great deception
And tho we dids't know that we had sinned,
We careth not,
for we had succumbed to the great deceivers words

And Lo we shall see what dids't happen at the second reading

The Fall of the anti..............................................biotic

Or Not....................................

So , there you have it.

We went for a lovely walk around the flatlands of the Fens.
And to prove to those that do not consider walking takes place unless there are mountains,
this is the beauty that we saw....

Down the track parallel to the old railway in Lode
One of the two old Clunch Pits
Clunch is a hard chalk used as a building stone
Many years ago these were excavated manually to collect the clunch for local building

A new pond build on Quy Fen

Old tree on the edge of the Fen on the way to Horningsea

The second and bigger of the two Clunch Pits.
Now used as a nature reserve area

Natural Pond on one of the meadows

So, what is wrong with Flat??????

Jasper resisting tempation on the track up to Allicky Farm

Sun through tree along the track

View across Quy Water

Quy Water river walk

The Bridge near Anglesy Abbey

Lode Mill

Sadly despite all this beauty, there is still the problems that are caused by people that should not be allowed to go outside the probably squalor of their houses.

Canus beerus wankus discardus
twatus discardus arse-us

And then there are the people that take their £fucking dog for a walk.
It has a shit.

Discardus Canus Shitus Areswholeus
Then they pick it up in a bag, and then lob the bag into the side of the path.
If you you are going to do that you 'utter fucking moron', 
you might as well not bother with the bag, 
and in all honesty it is doubtful if you should actually have the dog either.


Sorry about that! Rant over!

(All photos where done with Galaxy S2 phone - Nothing Fancy)

And today's music is Phone call from the Moon by Adrian Belew


  1. Glad to read you're feeling better - I'm with you on the ranting - one of the worst example I ever saw was a tree festooned in 'doggie' bags (full ones of course) - and btw there's nothing wrong with flat walking, I do it all the time........

  2. You do realise of course that "routes including running" are verboten on the TGOC? This urge to break into a trot must be suppressed ;-)

  3. Laura .. Flat walking and valleys are great I agree.
    I have seen comments in the past (not by your good self), about mountains being so much better than the flat lands. And of course, all Geography is fantastic.
    It is a privilege to walk anywhere (before they build turbines across the planet). We have loads of them being developed down here, and here there are no hills to mask them.

    Phil... I have never run on the Challenge, anyway I am with Sloman.
    Having said that, Dave does charge off on a mission be-known only to him.

  4. Stunning photographs of those flat, but beautiful, lands.

  5. They are beautiful and flat.
    Having said that, it would be brilliant if we had some decent hills withing 100 miles.
    It is nice to do hills as well.
    Some of our valley's here are higher than the land.
    Burwell Fen is below the level of the Lode.