OK, I haven't got out yet, because I now have to catch up with 3cwt (old measure) of work and also every time I get home it is dark.
So when I do get out finally, the scenery and views are on the dark side of bright.

That's the Moon that is (Picture Galaxy S2)

The fact that somewhere in that picture is a BLACK Labrador, tells you of the logistics of dog walking at night.
In all honesty we go out together, park the car, go for a walk (we never see each other) and then miraculously we arrive eventually somehow back at the car.

Spooky! It is.

Down Wandelbury way ,it's off the old Roman Road (Icknield Way), they say that on a dark and foggy night, you can still sometimes hear the Roman columns marching along.

They are not so loud though if you are wearing trainers instead of big leather boots.

Coincidence or?


Week 2 of medication, 3 days to go and I am feeling way, way, way better!
I am therefore tempted to go for a run,
and I
SHOULD RESIST the temptation!

I MUST RESIST the temptation!

BUT...............CAN I?

I will report back on this, OR NOT, depending on the outcome!

So where was I?


She is all patched up, her pole sleeve repaired and she has 3 new ties at the back,
One at the top and 2 midway down the sides, to attach the support guy ropes.

I cannot thank Sean at Oookworks enough.

Bloody Top job!

I need to attach the guy ropes now, seam seal the repair and rope attachments,
and also put the new rear pole together, and then she will be as good as new
I will post a before and after picture at a later date so you can see what a good job it was.

So anyway, since I am better (much better),
Harriet (No 1 and only daughter), who is meant to be running in a County Cross Country race today, is now...... ill with.......

A bad cough .... blah, blah, blah........

I am considering putting her in isolation.. 

I DO NOT want another bloody cold!

Which brings me to the music bit.

Always necessary to try and introduce people to something new.
I say new, but I mean new to them.
Of course it might not be the case for everyone, but today's number is by
John Petrucci and Jonathan Rudness off their solo album.
You may or may not know them from the band Dream Theatre.
This is my favourite off the album

Next post will be something from Adrain Belew (you'll have to wait).
You may prefer to wait...
You may not be reading this and you'll never know.

Such is life!

From Within - By John Petrucci and Jordan Rudness


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better, my advice would be DON'T GO FOR A RUN! Love the idea of walking a black lab in the pitch black, lol!

  2. Glad to hear that Wendy is fixed up. That Sean at Oookworks seems to be quite a good bloke.

    Don't go running until a good few days after your antibiotics. I don't want to be calling helicopters out to the North Morar Ridge this year. They'll think we are taking the piss.

    It'll be "Call me a Helicopter Andy" instead of Darren. You would never live it down.

  3. Nice. But is Alan going to jump ship with a Trailstar.?

  4. I am not sure about Alan, Martin, but I would LOVE a Trailstar.
    I won't be getting one YET, (Notice that) because that would probably involve divorce proceedings, and either way I would therefore not have the money.

    But one day.

    It's in my list.......Oh Yes!